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    Coming along

    Decided to go with Raptor Bedliner for the paint.
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    Restoring color to interior door panels

    Any tips or tricks to restoring the color back on sun faded tan plastic interior door panels in my half doors ?
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    How to identify fuel tank size

    How do I tell if my fuel tank is 15 or 20 gallons? I am unable to fill it to find out. Trying to order new sending unit and not sure which tank I have
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    Cj8 Drive Shafts

    I have a extra set of drive shafts. If anyone is in need of them I will make a great deal for someone.
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    Motorcraft carb adapter

    I am changing my stock Jeep carburetor to a Motorcraft 2150. What is the best adapter to use for this?
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    T-5 to T 176

    I have 84 CJ-8. Going from T-5 trans to T-176. Any suggestions on fitting the skid-plate back to the frame since the overall length of the drive-line is now shorter ? Looks like I either need to re-drill holes in the skid -plate or move the engine and transmission back a few inches?? Has anyone...