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  1. mrenfro

    The big red one aka it needs a name

    The Big Red One is an Army 1st Infantry Division. Army + Jeep = cool
  2. mrenfro

    Kansas CJ8s

  3. mrenfro

    Kansas CJ8s

  4. mrenfro

    Kansas CJ8s

    I live at the house just south of the Tuttle Creek ORV. Our property is the south of the ORV.
  5. mrenfro

    Kansas CJ8s

    I live north of Manhattan KS. I was wondering what CJ8s are in Kansas.
  6. mrenfro


    Nice Jeep. Welcome.
  7. mrenfro

    82 scram project

    Nice build!
  8. mrenfro

    Victorian jeep action 75th Celebration pics.

    Where is that?
  9. mrenfro

    Bestop Length?

    Here is mine. I have trouble getting the thing to hold down in the back in the wind.
  10. mrenfro

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  11. mrenfro

    Coffee walk!

    I just saw that today and shared it with some friends. I thought it was great. Thanks for sharing it here.
  12. mrenfro


    I agree with designerrob and BobWalton. I will try it but I am almost 6'6" and I would have been a potential buyer. Bummer. ☹️
  13. mrenfro

    First scrambler build!

    I like the chrome. But having the others gives you options. ?
  14. mrenfro

    Lazarus project

    Glad you just died on the inside. That looked bad. Good luck on the rebuild.
  15. mrenfro

    What's this? Trying to (identify part)

    I am pretty sure my horn is in the original position which is on top of the left front fender well near the front of the Jeep. My '84 has only a single horn that is not very intimidating.
  16. mrenfro

    New to CJ-8

    Welcome from another newbie.
  17. mrenfro

    Half Hard Top Seat Belt Holes

    I just bought these from Amazon. Rubber washers I haven't installed them yet, but I think it should work for me. I was thinking of gluing two together for the right thickness.
  18. mrenfro

    I've been Scrambled

    Is that information on the forum?