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  1. sdsupilot

    The big red one aka it needs a name

    We need some pictures of your seaplane commute.
  2. sdsupilot

    The big red one aka it needs a name

    I am a bit jealous every time I see pictures of the island life. Being on a "stay at home" order in the land of the tiger king (Oklahoma) is less fun. The new Jeep looks right at home.
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Looks great! I like your method of using set screws to prevent the clocking ring from leaking. I just filled them with silicon. Hard to tell from the pictures, but it seems like your 4l80 has more front driveshaft clearance than my 700R4 does. I used a Tom Woods 1.25" driveshaft. I would...
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    Weird/Scary steering problem

    Have a friend turn the wheel a 1/4 to 1/2 turn left and right. Then watch from the front to see if there is noticeable play. Do you have a sway bar? Have you recently added weight to the rear? My jeep drives much worse when hauling a few hundred pounds behind the rear seat.
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    82' Cracked Frame Advice

    All of the above. The inner frame rail is thinner than the outer (at least it was on a 7 and 8 that I have worked on). I patched the from of a rusty 7 that ripped that spring mount out. Rust was the root cause the spring hanger cracked and ripped. That jeep was rebuilt this winter with a...
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Make sure to double check for the correct drop... I accidentally bought the wrong one. Seller was great to deal with. The holes on mine weren't perfect (I have bad OCD). They lined up well enough though in my opinion. Everything slid together nicely. #1 thing to ensure is that when you...
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    I used an ebay clocking ring recommended by Jason Adams. With the stock NT 30, 10 degrees up works pretty well and is similar to Dana 300 ground clearance. Clocking further up causes quite a few issues. The input for the 30 is actually closer to center line than the output for the 241. This...
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    My Corona-virus restore needs a windshield frame

    I haven't seen as many issue with the frame/glass seal as the windshield to cowl seal. I've used either a crown or omix before and the new windshield fit fine. It took a couple cowl seals to get one that fit properly. Dawn and Jody Abbott have a source of a good seal/gasket thing.
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    Body Mount bushings

    I bought mine from 4 wheel parts in OKC. They worked fine, seemed to be descent quality. Believe they were crown. Daystar makes stock replacement bushings that may be "better". Mine lives inside and doesn't play in the mud, either should be fine.
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    This reminds me of the Chevy Colorado ZR2 that had a similar post. Similar scenery, similar trailer. That guy claimed he hit a "bump" and thought he better check the trailer. Went out and his truck frame was bent. Posted all over social media without pics of the trailer or bump. Later others...
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    Automatic brake pedal for manual conversion

    My 81 had a hydro clutch originally, I don’t know if the manual clutch is the same. I switched my smaller manual pedal out for the larger automatic without changing out the whole assembly. I bought an entire assembly and had the intention to change it. However, that would have been much more...
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    Dana 44 From TJ

    Width is nearly always the issue with axle swaps on CJs. Pairing a front is also an issue due to frame width vs mounting width and drivers vs passenger drop. I wouldn't consider swapping the rear until you have found your replacement for the front. If you aren't swapping the front, the AMC 20...
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    Project Patience

    Beautiful build. If you want to get adventurous, check out Cross Bar Offroad Park. I live in OKC, so its only about an hour from me. Pretty good place to explore. Just have to be a bit careful on trail selection.
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    I created a video on my CJ8 Rust repair let me know your thoughts

    That method works fine. Just like in woodworking, its all about how you cut to the line. When you use a piece of cut material, you trace the outside as a template onto the area to be patched. You then cut to the INSIDE of the line, while leaving the traced outline. You can also do the inverse...
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    The big red one aka it needs a name

    When I hear "big red" the first thing I think of is Ricky Bobby... Looks like a great vehicle to run around the island. Only thing I saw that I would change would be the fan switch, but you wont need that where you live!
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Thanks for the info! I haven’t had doors on in years, but would still like to have the option.
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    Time to start some safety upgrades. I added the rear family cage a few years ago, now I am going to add to the front. The main issue I have with front cages is access in and out of the jeep. I’m 6’2, so I need as much space as possible in an already small CJ. I could buy one of the...
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    sun roof

    I have a "Moon Roof" on my original half hard top. It was listed on the original window sticker under "Other locally installed options and accessories" for $496.00. My Jeep was sold in Littleton CO, my moon roof may have been installed at the same place.
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    Help finding a body shop

    What are your goals for this build? Are you looking for a perfect original metal restoration, or fun machine? If you pay someone to patch that tub, it would likely cost more than a replacement tub (which have issues of their own). I have replaced the floor pans, flare around rear wheel...
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    I created a video on my CJ8 Rust repair let me know your thoughts

    BW, my first thought was dains experience. I know the guard isn't always convenient, but a side load on cut off wheels will cause a bad time. Gloves, safety glasses and the guard on the grinder are a bare minimum. A jig saw or reciprocating saw are also viable, safer options for cutting...