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    Nice Jeep! You have likely found the best forum on the net for anything Jeep. Members here are very knowledgeable and respectable. Good luck w/your project!
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    One of our own needs your thoughts and prayers - Mr Beep

    Oh no, Hang in there Toby!
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    Headers and Mufflers

    And it sounds good... but not too loud in my opinion. Throatier/deeper tone and a little quieter than the flowmaster 3 chamber I was running of the same configuration
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    Headers and Mufflers

    Check out Jones Exhaust....summit racing distributes there products. Made in the USA and excellent quality, great prices and tons of sizes/types. I believe they manufacture for the big names, but also sell under there own brand for much less. I am running this one...
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    Bantam Heritage Jeep Fest?

    BW- Thanks for all your comments...not sure our plans yet, but it looked interesting....and within reasonable driving distance for us.
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    Bantam Heritage Jeep Fest?

    Seeing the thread on the scrambler give away inspired me to look at the event.....Have any of you guys gone? Any pointers for a first timer regarding events/sign-up packages...looks like there are a lot of options. Thanks!
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    Seasonal Cleanup

    Great looking Jeep!
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    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Big thumbs up!
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    Scrambler on Netflix

    My MIL has the same thing going on at our Christmas gatherings in the background....but after a few beers all of us boys start in predicting the obvious predictable romances and the who's and what's next, that it can become fairly entertaining for us, maybe not so much for poor MIL, but I think...
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    On board air vs portable air.

    I have been running mine in the stock orientation and as AK-RWC mentioned, it does push a little oil...I just check it occasionally, but I am excited to learn that maybe I can rotate it up an retain the stock brackets! I have a spare york and brackets and will look into it. Thanks for the...
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    On board air vs portable air.

    Yorks kick butt. I have one on my Scrambler using all factory mounts and one on my CJ-2A with fabricated mounts. Use them quite often outside of if you need to pull some part off your parts jeep that is hidden in the back 40....running an impact wrench, etc. Today with the...
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    An update, could use some prayers.

    So sorry to hear...Hang in there, it will get better!
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    Jeep Snow Pics...Post 'em up!

    We get the salt as well...but I only run my jeep off-road in the winter to avoid it. Fortunately, I have some acreage to play on that is close to State land.
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    Jeep Snow Pics...Post 'em up!

    A couple snow pictures of my flattie...not the greatest qulaity, but i like the shots
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    Well maybe this should go in family photos, but they are relics too! This is a picture of Larry, Daryl and Daryl parked at deer camp. AKA my parts jeeps...
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    Jeep Snow Pics...Post 'em up!

    ok a teaser this is my parts wagon for the wagon that has been sitting in my shop for a dozen years....maybe I'll make some progress this winter
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    Jeep Snow Pics...Post 'em up!

    We had over a foot of snow a week ago, but mostly gone now! I'll get a fresh picture next'll come soon!
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    Front Fenders/Firewall Attachment

    I have not used it for this application, but you might also consider fender bead for a VW bug...I used it on my trailer, would be about the right size for the front jeep fender joint
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    An update, could use some prayers.

    Glad to hear something positive, keep hanging in there!
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    15x7 or 15x8 by pictures??

    I agree with Jeep Addict... and one of these days I'll come down and see you about that 15x7 rim!