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    2020 Scrambler Owner Association - National Scramble - Rausch Creek, Pine Grove PA

    The 2020 National Scramble Registration is now open! Click on this: Registration Link...

    Swag Offroad storage Came across these the other day and was thinking about a couple to hold tools in the scrambler. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. They also make some pretty cool looking ammo can holders.

    Brake line flaring tool....What yall using and how do you like it?

    So I am on my third or forth day of fighting with the brake lines on my scrambler. Being they are leaking before I even put pressure on them I think that my garbage flaring tool may have something to do with it. I am getting ready to buy a new one and wanted yalls opinion on what you like...

    Transmission Temp sensor location Question

    Quick question for all you LS 4l60e swap guys. Where are you putting the trans temp sensor. I thought it was going to be a quick easy pull a plug and thread in a sensor but the more i read the less confidant I am. So I was wondering how you all added transmission temp sensors to your swaps. I...

    Switching from CB to GMRS radios

    I just realized that we lost this thread in the data loss. As I am a huge proponent to everyone if I could get that to happen moving from CBs to GMRS type radios for Jeep to Jeep communications I thought I would start it again. Backstory: While preparing to travel to Michigan for Sand Blast 10...

    258 TBI tuning help

    A few years ago I installed a junkyard fuel injection in one of my jeeps. Said fuel injection has served me well for the last few years but still is not quite right. I have been tinkering with this for quite some time and am fully frustrated and need assistance. History: Purchased a Junkyard...
  7. IAFFCJ Baseball hats

    With permission from the owners of i am selling baseball hats with on the front and a custom line on the back (user name was my thought process but anything can be added). Hats are a FlexFit pro hat and come it 2 sizes S/M will fit up to a 7 3/8 head anything over that would be...

    "Oscar" the '86 CJ-7

    Let me introduce "Oscar" as my wife calls him, my 1986 CJ-7. (She calls him Oscar because she thinks he belongs in the trash with Oscar the Grouch). Even with those feelings she has put up with Oscar in two different garages and only rarely complains about him encroaching on her side of the...

    IAFFCJ 81 Scrambler

    So it begins. You all have pulled me over to the dark side and I picked up an 81 scrambler in pieces. As I started working on it yesterday I thought I would start a thread and hopefully keep progress going. Nothing too exiting yesterday just some parts clean up and a lot of move this chassis...
  10. IAFFCJ


    Thought I would introduce myself. While I do not have an '8 I did put in a lot of hours to get Truck to the Nationals with a rig this year. Meeting everyone at the nationals I thought I would come and hang out over here. The experience was great and the motivation is back to get my '7 into...