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  1. neilconnolly79

    Times They Are A Changin'

    Congratz! They are the most rewarding PITAs EVER! My eldest just turned 12 and is begging for his own Jeep, and so are his 4 younger brothers, yet my wife keeps telling me we don't need any more vehicles... I don't agree, of course.
  2. neilconnolly79


    it's a win in my book, been waiting for years for them to finally bring back a truck body style. I'm working the finances to get one, just wish they'd release the prices so I know how unrealistic it really is.
  3. neilconnolly79

    7th Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange Open!

    its imported from Ireland, first showed up in the US in 2017(I think) the red label is kinda sweet, but much smoother than their green or black 10 year, all three are single malt and aged in Bourbon casks.
  4. neilconnolly79

    7th Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange Open!

    got mine earlier this week! pretty stoked, I needed a new set of binos since my old ones got broke deer hunting last year.
  5. neilconnolly79

    So I know there's been a few that have been waiting for this (hot sauce)

    It was a smoked Habanero if I recall. don't think I had started naming them yet.
  6. neilconnolly79

    So I know there's been a few that have been waiting for this (hot sauce)

    I am, whenever the garden lets me. Since we moved to our new place the gardenbeds have been very unproductive, but I'm working to get the soil amended to hopefully fix that problem.
  7. neilconnolly79

    Gonna probably regret it

    well I do kinda regret it, but getting the M home helps a little
  8. neilconnolly79

    Gonna probably regret it

    Definately gonna let him know about the forum. It's gonna be a hard one to replace, but one day I'll find another. And Dain I ain't going no where unless BW kicks me out, not on here nearly as much as I used to be, but I still lurk now and then and don't plan on changing that.
  9. neilconnolly79

    Gonna probably regret it

    sold the 8 today. Tough decision, but just never used her. Went to a good friend who was the reason I got into Jeeps to start with. It's been a fun ride, but time to move onto something more practical that'll actually get used. Kinda feels like losing a part of the family. Got a lightly modified...
  10. neilconnolly79

    Why I need to keep buying Jeeps...

    At 5:36 am December 28 2017 we welcomed our latest addition to the Chaotic Connolly Funny Farm weighing in at a whopping 7lbs 12oz and 21 inches little man #5 Finn Joseph Connolly. We are all home now and Momma Bear and Mr. Finn are doing wonderful.
  11. neilconnolly79

    What's on your Work Bench?

    Nothing even remotely Jeep related at the moment. Bee hive that failed some time between November 1st and last week, gotta autopsy it and try to determine why it dies off...
  12. neilconnolly79

    Lost a Vet Tonight

    Rest in Peace Brother, I've got the watch.
  13. neilconnolly79

    DIY Half Doors?

    Since the post about the uppers hdttm started has me thinking, which is not always a good thing. But I have a set of full doors that are kinda crappy and beat up pretty bad. Has anyone ever made a set of YJ/TJ half doors out of full hard doors that will work with a hard top and TJ uppers?
  14. neilconnolly79

    6th Annual CJ-8 Secret Santa Gift Exchange Open!

    Got mine, and the 5yo is already trying to steal part of it😁 and said I had it be goofy for the picture. Another Hot Wheels Scrambler to add to the collection, finally have a key chain for the lonely solo key that's only left the ignition switch once or twice, and a badazz H&K knife...
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    Well, It's final! I can't do it, can't bring myself to let her go. So the plan is to slowly deconstruct her back to nearly stock, with a bit of help from a few of the guys here in my local club. Scramblers were the very first Jeep I was ever exposed to and have wanted one as long as I can...
  16. neilconnolly79

    Head light GLASS

    I'm assuming you're talking about from a Scrambler? If so the Headlights are sealed beam and not an assembly like newer vehicles are now a days.
  17. neilconnolly79


    I've come to a point where I think it's time to part ways with my Scrambler. I'm too broken to fix it any more, can't hardly get in it, and hasn't been driven on the road in a couple years now. I hate to say I'm actually considering this since I spent so many years waiting to find one, but it's...
  18. neilconnolly79

    electric fans

    Beer bottle emptied and used for reference only, in no way, expressed nor implied does this info come with a full bottle of beer.
  19. neilconnolly79

    Someone talk me outta this... Maybe

    So, Me being Me, I for some odd reason can not leave things alone. I've got this hair brained idea(wife said it was) to take motor, trans and tcase out of the Cherokee I just got and put it into the Scrambler. Plain and simple, been done thousands of times, right? Great upgrade and fairly easy...