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  1. zr10054

    Rocker guards

    Does anyone have the bolt hole dimensions for the Scrambler bolt holes for the stock rocker guards.
  2. zr10054

    Fuel sending unit from SpeeHut?

    Has anyone tried one of these as an alternative to the crappy CJ fuel sending unit.
  3. zr10054

    FC 170 build, Brother of Stump Jumper

    Another Jeep FC build I know I said my Stump Jumper Scrambler was going to be my last project but I couldn't resist this Jeep FC (Forward Control). I'm hoping it makes its way to Louisiana by next weekend. It does not have a motor or transmission but I'm planning a 5.3 with a 4 speed auto...
  4. zr10054

    Jeep Bath Room

    You're no a true Jeeper unless you have a Jeep bath and chitter.
  5. zr10054

    Transporting a jeep

    What's the best way for me to get a Jeep from Arizona to Louisiana. 1,400 miles. It does not run. I don't won't to drive there and back. I'm dying to tell everyone about it but I'm keeping it under wraps until the deal is done if it gets done.
  6. zr10054

    Fuel can Find.

    I scored this pair last week. One built in 1952, the year I was born, and the other in 1953. Both are mint inside and out. I'm also trying to buy a WW2 Jeep from the same guy.
  7. zr10054

    Nerf Bars

    Do the bolt on nerf bars from a CJ-7 fit a CJ-8?
  8. zr10054

    Hydo boost brakes

    Has anyone swapped the vacuum booster brakes for the hydro boosted brake system. If so which one did you use. Since I did the LS1 engine swap with a high lift cam I just don't have enough vacuum at idle for the booster.
  9. zr10054

    AMC Prayer

    Amc prayer
  10. zr10054


    This has probably been posted before but I'm sure it will help out a lot of people who are looking for fasteners.
  11. zr10054

    Merry Christmas

    I hate this 85 degree weather for Christmas in Louisiana. Merry Christmas to all.
  12. zr10054

    Electric or manual fan for 5.3

    Which one is better? I'm running a Spal electric fan that works great but is just too much noise. I have the original fan for the 5.3 engine and plenty room to install it and it would not take much effort. Just wanting to know what others have done and what works best.
  13. zr10054


    Now do you believe it gets hot in Louisiana?
  14. zr10054

    show me your CJ sideview mirrors

    I'm not liking the stock CJ-8 side view mirrors shaking so much and was wondering if anyone has replaced them with something better. It looks like mirrors from a late model YJ or TJ just may fit bolted up to the door hinge plate. Post pictures of what you are using. Heck even some small version...
  15. zr10054

    RIP Baton Rouge Police Officers

    In memory of the Baton Rouge Police officers killed today.
  16. zr10054

    Who gets my Jeep?

    Only fair way I know.
  17. zr10054

    Spare tire bracket to mount to roll bar.

    ISO a spare tire bracket to mount on my 83 roll bar. As I understand it there was a short and long version with the short one being about five inches long. I think I would need the longer one since my wheels have a different offset than the original ones. If I can't find one I could always build...
  18. zr10054

    Side Boards.

    I had 3 sets of side boards reproduced at a local cabinets shop that I think the guy did an outstanding job on. I'll keep one set for my truck and I would like to trade one set for a set of rocker trim in nice condition. This are White Oak like original and I believe could pass for NOS. I do not...
  19. zr10054

    Windsheild wiper upgrade for Stump Jumper

    As many of you know my Stump Jumper Scrambler started out as a burn casualty. Well I far enough along that I need to order all the wiper components. I've never been to happy with the wipers on my "81 Scrambler and would like something better on this one. Does anyone know of a direct replacement...
  20. zr10054

    AMC 20 One pc axle problem.

    I decided to install my one piece axles that I bought six months ago. Reading the instructions step #2 says to verify that you do not have a Power Lock differential. If you do, do not install this kit. Sure enough I have it. The code stamped on the differential is DD which stands for 2:73...