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  1. dmock

    Unbelievable! Doesn't HS have better things to do?
  2. dmock

    Okay we turned the furnace up...

    :eek: Today 5:30 PM AZ time Hope the heat helps get spring sprung in the rest of the country.
  3. dmock

    Hood Louver

    Thinking of ways to dissipate heat in the engine compartment at highway speeds. It seems like from about 60 miles an hour plus, my 360 starts building heat. Winch or no winch. 3core radiator with a taurus two speed fan. I hate to cut a hole in my hood, but this looks like it may help. (Found...
  4. dmock

    Oil Filter Poll

    I have read over the years pros and cons for almost all Oil Filters. Just curious what you use.
  5. dmock

    Remnants of original parts?

    Been thinking for awhile about what I have replaced on my '84 and thought it would probably be easier (and a much smaller list) of what remains of the Scrambler I purchased in 2009. Starting point... Retained/refurbished parts; Axle housings and knuckles Front driveshaft Steering shaft and...
  6. dmock

    Goodbye old friend....

    Sad day today. Speed is no more. I guess the NASCAR, Football, and endless bobble head sports commentators is more profitable than showing grass roots racing.:angry::angry:
  7. dmock

    2012 what a year!

    Been awhile since I've posted on the forum, but have been checking it as often as possible. 2012 started off ok, went to h.e. double hockey sticks in April for me... Job was "dissolved" and had to go into full panic mode for two or three months. I have a daughter in college, and all those...
  8. dmock

    AMC 360 swap issue

    OK I am stumped. I recently swapped in a freshly rebuilt AMC 360. I reused my existing well running Howell fuel injection with a new prom chip from Howell and new 350 chevy fuel injectors. New HEI ignition, new plugs, new wires etc. I have the timing set at 10 degrees btc. It surges slightly at...
  9. dmock

    Stumbled across this...

    1953. I was at an old lock shop getting some cylinders re-keyed and came across this; Sorry for the cell pic. Interior is not complete, but the rest of it looked good. Engine ran like a top!
  10. dmock

    Aftermarket Parts..the good, the bad, the ugly

    Well after replacing a six month old Advanced Auto Parts throw out bearing, clutch and pressure plate :bang head: No warrantee because I bought it over 12 months ago... I thought posting a thread about aftermarket parts might benefit everyone. These are my personal views, feel free to disagree...
  11. dmock

    Axle welding question

    I need some advice from the experts. I am going to be installing one piece axles soon, and thought I would take this opportunity to weld up the axle tubes. I have a 220v buzz box welder that should have plenty of oomph to weld them. I need ideas on the best welding rod to use and a starting...
  12. dmock

    Wheel question

    I have the chrome wagon wheels on my 8. Two of them are slightly bent, and they all show signs of wear and tear. Has anybody ever used these as a replacement? I would need to make a template to drill for the center caps and walla!
  13. dmock

    Look what followed me home!

    Traded of the 09 Wrangler X Unlimited last weekend. For this! 2012 Jeep Sahara Unlimited! With the new 3.6 Pentastar Engine SWEEET!
  14. dmock

    Rust Never Sleeps - 84 Rebuild

    I thought I would post a readers digest version of my rebuild of my 84 that has spanned the last 18 months. I have to say that this forum has really helped inspire me, and keep me motivated to stay with this project. I have restored two YJ's in the past, but really always had my eye out for an...
  15. dmock

    Roll bar mounted spare tire max diameter

    Does anyone know what the largest tire diameter that will fit on an original roll bar mount spare tire carrier?
  16. dmock

    How far gone is too far gone?

    Hello! First off I would like to introduce myself. I am fairly new to this site, and recently purchased one of MrBeeps's fleet. It is from Indiana,and has about a three foot section of the inner frame rusted away on the drivers side, but it looks totally repairable. It has what is probably a...