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  1. neilconnolly79

    Gonna probably regret it

    sold the 8 today. Tough decision, but just never used her. Went to a good friend who was the reason I got into Jeeps to start with. It's been a fun ride, but time to move onto something more practical that'll actually get used. Kinda feels like losing a part of the family. Got a lightly modified...
  2. neilconnolly79

    Why I need to keep buying Jeeps...

    At 5:36 am December 28 2017 we welcomed our latest addition to the Chaotic Connolly Funny Farm weighing in at a whopping 7lbs 12oz and 21 inches little man #5 Finn Joseph Connolly. We are all home now and Momma Bear and Mr. Finn are doing wonderful.
  3. neilconnolly79

    DIY Half Doors?

    Since the post about the uppers hdttm started has me thinking, which is not always a good thing. But I have a set of full doors that are kinda crappy and beat up pretty bad. Has anyone ever made a set of YJ/TJ half doors out of full hard doors that will work with a hard top and TJ uppers?
  4. neilconnolly79


    I've come to a point where I think it's time to part ways with my Scrambler. I'm too broken to fix it any more, can't hardly get in it, and hasn't been driven on the road in a couple years now. I hate to say I'm actually considering this since I spent so many years waiting to find one, but it's...
  5. neilconnolly79

    Someone talk me outta this... Maybe

    So, Me being Me, I for some odd reason can not leave things alone. I've got this hair brained idea(wife said it was) to take motor, trans and tcase out of the Cherokee I just got and put it into the Scrambler. Plain and simple, been done thousands of times, right? Great upgrade and fairly easy...
  6. neilconnolly79

    Inheritance Cherokee

    Picked up my wife's late uncle's Cherokee today, 92 Laredo, almost rust free, mint interior, but has the ever so awesome Death Wobble. My FIL said he was warned about driving it over 45 He had no clue why they said that, but I had an idea. Well hit 60 and the ugly old guy showed up, guessing...
  7. neilconnolly79

    Goodbye city limits!

    Finally found a new place to call home for a few years. After many years of fighting an uphill battle w/ Wells Fargo, we have decide to walk away from a bad investment we made 11 years ago. Moving on to a new chapter out in the country! Here's a few pics of the new place.
  8. neilconnolly79

    Brown relay?

    anyone know what this relay is for is located behind the dash by left speaker cut out happened to see it while I was digging under the dash and I Jeep hasn't been started in 3 weeks but it was hot as hell so I have no idea what it's for any help would be greatly appreciated Sent from my HTCD200LVW
  9. neilconnolly79

    So I know there's been a few that have been waiting for this (hot sauce)

    I finally got back into making some of my hot sauces:headbang: So that being said I'm gonna do like last time, but not the little 1.5oz bottles, gonna be 5oz this time. I'll have about 20 5oz bottles that I'm gonna offer up to y'all here, you just cover packaging and shipping, and I'll send ya a...
  10. neilconnolly79

    Not a big fan of stickers on vehicles, but this made my day...

    Not mine, nor did I actually see this, stole it off the bookface
  11. neilconnolly79

    Scramber pulls home a new to me toy:)

    Well I haven't used the 8 for much in the last 2 years, but when I get her out it's always a good time. Friday my wife needed the Suburban so I used the Scramble to tow my new toy 140ish miles home. Wasn't the fastest 140 mile trip but it sure was exciting!
  12. neilconnolly79

    What eavr happened with the AZ Scramblers?

    Did any of them end up here? Just curious as to there whereabouts of them if anyone knows. I haven't been on as much as I like here, as life after the Army...
  13. neilconnolly79

    Complete Factory restoration

    Well after much deliberation and pondering, I have decided to do a as close to 100% original restoration of my Scrambler. After the 304 lost a cam lobe, and has been sitting in the back yard begging me to do something with it. I am gonna start the process of completely disassembling it once I...
  14. neilconnolly79

    440 Big Block

    Anyone on here ever tried to stuff a beast like a Dodge 440/727 combo into a Scrambler? Being I just tore up my 304 and not sure if I wanna take the time and money to rebuild it right now. Thoughts and opinions please. Sent from my iPhone
  15. neilconnolly79

    Upper half doors don't fit

    Finally got a hard half cab, but I can't get the uppers to fit into the door opening. The doors are besttop 2 piece soft doors that came off my CJ7 and if I recall the hardtop on that had the same door openings. I'm at a loss here, not exactly sure what the issue is. I'm sure someone has ran...
  16. neilconnolly79

    Any CJ5 experts here?

    A friend of mine is looking at a 65 CJ5 and I believe it may be a Tuxedo Park Mark IV by the vin, but I am by no means an expert. I've found some online but nothing I can be positive on. Here's a snapshot of the serial plate.
  17. neilconnolly79

    Jeep Show in GA

    The Low Country Mud Rats Jeep Club out of Savannah, GA is hosting their 12 Annual Jeep Show and Swap Meet at JF Gregory Park in Richmond Hill, GA next Saturday the 22nd. Not a Scrambler specific show, but there will be a couple there, and thought that maybe some of the fellow Scrambler Junkies...
  18. neilconnolly79

    AMC V8 alternator mounting brackets?

    Anyone have a good pic of how the factory alternator brackets go together? Trying to upgrade to the newer style alt but can't seem to figure out how the 5 brackets go to make it work.
  19. neilconnolly79

    Pulled the trigger this morning

    Finally decided that I was goning to go SOA, ordered the the Rocky Road Outfitters kit with OTT steering link. Should be here by the end of the week and if it is I'll be starting the engine tear down to replace the cam/dizzy gears and then on to doing the SOA so I can start driving it again:bacon:
  20. neilconnolly79

    Rocky Road Outfitters?

    Any one running their SOA kit on an 8? Since I put the V8 in mine and can only seem to find the fender headers my tires rub on the collectors, so the only option I have come up with is more lift plus I need a bit more clearance for the 36s anyways. Been doing some looking around and looks to be...