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  1. Jeeperdd

    JMU Scrambler rebuild.

    Should have started this about a month ago. Oh well here goes. Built my sisters scrambler about ten years ago out of spare parts I had lying around while I was in the process of building mine. Wasn’t meant to be hanging around for long but she liked it and claimed it. Over the year we have done...
  2. Jeeperdd

    Inside of the charcoal canister

  3. Jeeperdd

    Inside of the charcoal canister

  4. Jeeperdd

    My Big Red Scrambler

    Guess I need to start this thread again.
  5. Jeeperdd

    California cj7 build.

    So I picked this cj7 up a few months back completely disassembled and hardly any rust, witch is super rare here on the east coast. Guy was moving shops and I couldn't pass up the deal. I've been busy with work, school and family but I have most of this week off. So I'm going to see how far i can...
  6. Jeeperdd

    Dads Scrambler

  7. Jeeperdd

    Transportation of Parts...

    I know this is a long shot, but I figure I might get lucky with the holidays coming up and everyone traveling. I'm trying to get a snow plow frame and pump located in Massachusetts down to Virginia or somewhere close. thanks in advance.
  8. Jeeperdd

    Moab CONVOY on I-40!!!!!

    So John N, Jeeperdd (me), and JMUscrambler are pulling out on Sunday may 4th from Central Virginia around 8ish in the am. That is if I can get John N up early enough :smokin: We are planning on running the southern route, which is I40 through Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico...
  9. Jeeperdd

    Jeep Fire Extinguisher mount location?

    Okay, so I've had this fire extinguisher that has "Jeep" and the AMC logo on it for some time. Time to mount it in the jeep, but where does it go? anybody got any pictures?
  10. Jeeperdd

    3 week cj7 build

    So my uncle and his wife always had jeeps when they where younger, and after seeing my jeeps she has been talking about getting another one. I found an 85 cj7 that was pretty run down for a good price. There 20th wedding anniversary is this month, so we built her a jeep! :D This was the body...
  11. Jeeperdd

    Headed to Disney World!

    Thought I'd post up here for some insight. Pulling out tonight headed for Disney World Florida hopefully the kids will sleep through the trip and I won't. But in the case that I do have to stop and get a room; Savannah, Georgia looks to be about halfway. Anyone in that area that can give...
  12. Jeeperdd

    50" speedo cable for crusie control.

    My lower cruise control cable bit the dust, anybody got any good sources for a new one? I'm sure there is some other vehicle out there that uses the same cable that I can use. thanks
  13. Jeeperdd

    83 Parts Scrambler

    After owning a couple scramblers at different times and then having to sell them I decided to build one the way I wanted it. I started collecting parts in May 2009 and by June 2010 I had enough parts to start putting it together. Everything has been rebuild or replaced with new. Last week I...
  14. Jeeperdd

    NO Spark!

    Okay need some help. I've figured this out before but its been a while, someone jog my memory. When I hold the coil wire near the block to check the spark, I get a spark when the key starts and when the key turns off. nothing in between???? :shrug: I'm trying to bring back to life an 84...
  15. Jeeperdd

    Rear Drums Rubbing

    Okay, My rear drums are rubbing the sides of the brake shoes and backing plates... :( Everything is new; seals, bearings, brake parts, brake shoes, drums. Like a brand new axle, except for the metal on metal contact...:angry: Any idea's??? I though about a 1/16" spacer between the axle hub...
  16. Jeeperdd

    What do these fit? Jeep mud flaps.

    I know these are older than scramblers, but what are the made to fit?
  17. Jeeperdd

    What is this? Special Equipment Whitco

    So I pickup up some jeep parts from a guy and the swing out tire carrier that he said he had was not the one I was thinging about. So I'm thinking earlys 70's cj-5?? anybody got any info on this thing. Better yet, pictures on what the mounting bracket are suppose to look like so I can...
  18. Jeeperdd

    Whats this for???

    So this was mounted on the crossmember behind my fuel tank, does it serve a purpose??
  19. Jeeperdd

    ignition problem

    I've been working on my buddy's 1980 cj-7 4.2L and figured out we have an ignition problem. Imagine that. Everything is stock, ignition box on the fender, coil, and distributor, no computer (thank fully). So replace the ignition box with a new one, replaced the coil, swapped out another...
  20. Jeeperdd

    fuel sending unit calibration

    Okay, I saw a post somewhere on here about how to calibrate the fuel tank sending unit with a multimeter. Anybody know how to do it??? thanks