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  1. spankrjs

    1985 Carter BBD Information Request

    I do not have a parts catalog, so I am curious as to how many carburetor part #'s there are for 1985CJ-7? The Factory Service Manual only lists two: 8383 and 8384 for the CJ-7/Scrambler. Not the best picture, but: #8383 is for "automatic transmission #8384 is for manual transmission Again...
  2. spankrjs

    Spankrjs 1985 Spring Special CJ-7

    I needed another Jeep like I needed another hole in my head, but I went out and obtained another one :crazy: I sold/waved goodbye to my Tan Scrambler on Friday, February 8, picked this one up on Saturday, February 9: It is a 1985 "Spring Special" CJ-7. It has around 128,000 miles on it...
  3. spankrjs

    GM 350 TBI No Spark/No Fuel Injector Pulse

    My tan Scrambler has been running great since I got it running a few years ago. Its been to Michigan several times, South Dakota and back, all over around home, generally runs fine, except for the hot fuel issues. Anyway, this past Saturday it was running fine, and it just shut down, almost...
  4. spankrjs

    My Newest Project - Me !?!?

    Well, figured it would be easier to start a new thread then it would be for me to individually contact all my CJ-8 friends, or junk up one of my regular build threads :thumbsup: No way to ease into this, so here it is - I was diagnosed with testicular cancer a few weeks back. Good news, it is...
  5. spankrjs

    PVC Solenoid

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone have a picture of the PVC solenoid and associated wiring :shrug:
  6. spankrjs

    SBC Oil Filter Adapter Gasket - Yes or No??????????????

    On a small block Chevy, 350ci/5.7 Liter, do you use a gasket between the block and the factory oil filter adapter? Some people say yes, some no, I cant see where it would make a difference?? The part I am referencing, GM Part# 3952301 (it has 3952302 cast in it)...
  7. spankrjs

    5.7 TBI "slightly stinky exhaust" and not as good MPG

    I wanted to post up some questions/comments/concerns to see if anyone can help me out:thumbsup: I am running a TBI 5.7 (350) that came out of a 1990 Caprice Classic, in my 1984 Scrambler. It also has the 700R4, 4.10 axle gears, 33" tires. The engine always starts right up, accelerates...
  8. spankrjs

    Cruising the Coast 2014

    Not necessarily a Jeep event, more of a classic car hot rod event. Over 8,000 cars registered this year!!!! October 5-12, south Mississippi. Basically, a huge car show, from state line to state line:thumbsup: Is anyone on here attending:shrug:
  9. spankrjs

    Deep South Moab Convoy (me)

    Not sure if anyone else from the "deep south" is heading to Moab, but I plan on leaving Biloxi, MS this Saturday morning, May 3, around 6:00am:fingerscrossed: My planned route: I10 west, Biloxi, MS to Slidell, LA (61 miles/1 hour) I12 west, Slidell LA to Lafayette, LA (145 miles/2 hours) I49...
  10. spankrjs

    Factory Under Body Paint - How much did they do??

    Me and JA, cant remember if that stands for JeepAddict or JackAss, were discussing this earlier. How much of the underbodies did they paint from the factory, and was it all body color??? A few observations I have made: 1) Seems like they painted the inner front fenders body color, and did a...
  11. spankrjs

    Road salt/salt brine - how to combat the negative effects??

    Well, we had a little ice on Friday, and of course, most people down here do not know how to drive, even when it is dry, so there were about 40 bad wrecks, which resulted in I10 being shut down:eek: Well, since the MDOT/County/city people got blamed for the ice, the got real smart - yep, they...
  12. spankrjs

    How Chrysler/Jeep Lost a Customer

    FIRST OFF, I am 1000% happy/satisfied with Bayside Chrysler/Dodge Jeep, and their service/parts/sales department. I have had nothing but good experiences with them:thumbsup: I bought my 2005 Rubicon brand new in August of 2005. Since then, it has been dealer serviced every 3000 miles, no steps...
  13. spankrjs

    General Auto Trans Questions/Concerns

    Surprisingly, every vehicle I have ever owned (all Jeep CJ's except for the 05 Rubicon) all had/have manual transmissions, which I love, and can work on/rebuild. I have a few general automatic transmission questions to ask, plus a few 700R4 specific questions, maybe y'all can help me...
  14. spankrjs

    Whitco Bow Pivot Bracket Question ??????

    Does anyone know if the CJ-7 and CJ-8 use the same bow pivot brackets:shrug: The Whitco Bow Pivot Bracket part # for a Scrambler is: 41132123 Does anyone have a picture of these brackets bolted on a Scrambler:shrug: The instructions show short brackets, similar to a CJ-7 bow pivot bracket...
  15. spankrjs

    Windshield Frame/Wiper Binding Issues

    Planning my cross country run to Moab, and I want my wipers to function. Did a little research here, and I see that I am not the only one with this problem:( To establish a base line, here is the info on my all original 1983 Scrambler: original non ribbed steel frame, original linkage, motor...
  16. spankrjs

    Dana 300 Shifter Handle Differences

    Quick question: Are the Dana 300 shifter handles used behind a T4/T5 different from those used behind a T176:shrug: I installed a T5, with the correct floor plate, and when I go to shift into 4 Hi, it hits the floor plate. I will have to look at my green Scrambler (factory T5/300 combo) to...
  17. spankrjs

    TRXUS MT Tires????

    Just wondering if anyone is running these tires, or has had experience with them:shrug: The 34x12.50x15 size might be the cure to my rear rubbing issues:thumbsup: I have had Super Swampers before, both radial and bias, so I know the on road ride...
  18. spankrjs

    Aero 33 Gallon Tanks Pics/Opinions

    I need a bigger fuel tank for my Scrambler. I was looking for installed pictures and opinions of the 33 gallon aero tank. I searched all the old threads on this site first. It looks to hang down as low as a factory 20 gallon tank, but it also hangs down almost all the way to the rear cross...
  19. spankrjs

    "Real World" T5 Experience/Opinions

    I am seriously considering swapping a T5 into my rebuilt/project red Scrambler. The main reason for the swap: I am thinking of going from 35" tires down to 33" tires. The 35" tires are making some very "friendly" contact with the back of the rear fender wells while off road. I could lower the...
  20. spankrjs

    Spankrjs' 1984 Long Term Project

    This is my newest "project" Scrambler. I bought this Scrambler from a member of this forum, doznfire, who was great to deal with. This Scrambler is mostly complete, just needs some minor finishing work to get it back running. Link to original "For Sale" Thread...