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  1. skiptown

    1976 304 question

    Im thinking of pulling out the Iron Duke and manual trans and replacing it with a 1976 304 with auto trans out of a 76 CJ7. Im assuming I can pull the parts needed out of the 76 and use them in the conversion. Knowing Ill need to replace certain parts with new..motor mounts and the like. But my...
  2. skiptown

    roll bar with shoulder belts question

    Well I'm removing the old roll bar and putting in one with the shoulder harness... man I feel lucky every time I work on the truck I read the issues others have and I kept putting off the roll bar swap because of the bolt issue..well I was prepared for the worse and it didn't happen. I removed...
  3. skiptown

    Nutmeg/spice/tan is the new black

    Im finally changing out the black interior with Nutmeg/tan. With the seats out Ive cleaned up the floors surface rust and coated it with Rust-oleum and then repaint it with color matched Air Force Green
  4. skiptown

    shoulder belts

    Will the seat belts/shoulder harness from a CJ7 work on a CJ8? I have a 81 and picked up a 83 roll bar so I can add the shoulder harness... I have the rubber spacers(?) but need the actual harness now. While on the subject of the roll bar does anyone have or know the bolt size for the...
  5. skiptown

    radio support bracket

    there is a support bracket for the AM/FM/CB radio, does anyone have one for sale or any dimensions and I'll fab one.. thanks
  6. skiptown

    AM/FM/CB radio help

    I got a AM/FM/CB radio off Ebay now I need to hook it up. There are two wires, one is orange with a black plug and the other wire is black with a red plug. They plug into the black box where 3 wires come out the other end - Orange, black and brown. The brown wire has the inline fuse. I assume...
  7. skiptown

    Question will 89 YJ doors fit 81 scrambler?

    There is a nice set of 89 doors local, they are the wrong color but that's what paint is for, but will they fit a 81 scrambler?
  8. skiptown

    Drive In

    Saturday night I fired up the popcorn machine, filled up a cooler with soda and ice threw a cushion in the rear of the Scrambler and the wife and I headed to the local drive in. Backed the truck into the space tuned in the quality transistor radio and watched Final destination 5 and Bad...
  9. skiptown

    Front brakes locking up

    Today while coming back from the trail ride my front brakes locked up tight. Shorty after I bought the Scrambler I noticed the front brakes were getting hot so I changed both of the front calipers about 3 months ago. Less that 1000 miles. I can drive in reverse and it seems to help free them...
  10. skiptown

    radio question

    I bought this AM/FM radio... dont know if it works I'll bench test it but Im not sure if I have all the wires. There is a red wire I assume power. There is a a plug that I also assume go to the speakers but the PO cut the speakers wires in the Scrambler at the speaker so Im not sure what I have...
  11. skiptown

    my 81

    I've been remiss by not getting these up sooner This is the truck off ebay only about 10 miles from Madison... it started its life in the Air Force and went into the US Forest Service. The color under the white is Air Force green Its as basic as it come 4 cylinder, 4 speed, manual steering...
  12. skiptown

    Hardtop question

    I have an 81 with a hardtop... not sure if this top came with the truck or sometime in the past 30 years. On each side of the rear window there are these round areas about where I would assume the shoulder harness would go..... so A) did AMC make shoulder harness a option back in 81 and this is...
  13. skiptown

    My new Scrambler

    Its taken a week but today I took the dive and picked up my Scrambler.. It was only a couple miles from home. The guy had it posted on ebay but also selling local (listed in Milwaukee) I looked at it last Sunday called him Monday and made the offer, he accepted it then never returned any more...
  14. skiptown

    fastest tear down and rebuild

    this may not be posted in the right area but its cool to watch Skiptown
  15. skiptown

    NW Indiana guys - HELP

    Is there anyone close to Portage Indiana that could take a look at a Scrambler for me I had posted it in the for sale foum.... Im interested in the truck I asked the owner about a few more photos but it appears that is too much to ask. The price is right bit I would like an unbias opinion I...