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    brake pedal spring

    Haven't been here in a while. Need a little info. I need the brake pedal return spring for my 84 with auto trans. Can't find it so far on line. Don't even see part listed. There are clutch springs, but not the brake. Anyone got a source? thanks jack
  2. J

    Frame repair suggestions

    I have an 84 CJ8. Some fool hit me from the back. I have a receiver hitch, welded to rear cross member, with angle iron to the frame member ahead of it that holds up the rear of the gas tank. Bent those two cross members. I can pull/straighten them or cut them out and replace them with something...
  3. J

    new radiator

    Putting my 8 back together after five years. Want a new radiator. Mine is a two row with the cap located on the driver side. Anyone know if I can put a center cap radiator in? There are indents in the hood where the original is and indents in the center. It looks like the prop rod might...
  4. J

    Parts ID please?

    I'm putting my 8 back together after 5 years and can't figure out where a few things go. Anyone give me a hint?
  5. J

    glove box lock

    Anyone know how I get the lock/latch out of the glove box door? thanks
  6. J

    Part ?

    I am rebuilding my 84. Screwed on top of the frame cross member right behind the gas tank there is a piece of angle with a small lip. It's held in place by half a dozen self taping bolts. Anyone know why it is there? It seems to have no function that I can see.