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    Best Scrambler Exhaust Routing

    How do you recommend I end the exhaust on my YJ-8 Scrambler build? Out the rear, in most vehicles means fumes inside the truck if the back window is rolled up. All the way out the rear means it gets crushed on steep departures. Behind the rear tire is my fave but that means between the...
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    Just received my new hard top

    I have been looking for a nice 25+ year old hard top. Factoring in obstacles in finding a good used one (travel, age, color, repairing damage) I decided a new one is the way to go. My new Xtreme top arrived today, I have only test fit the top but I am pretty happy with it. Now the YJ8 project...
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    Would you extend your wheelbase?

    Hello all, I in the middle of extending my YJ into a scrambler. I am having thoughts on wheelbase/overhang/turning radius, i.e. 103.5" vs 106.75" vs 110" wheel base. The body will be full length CJ-8. For those of you with experience... Would you change your CJ-8 wheelbase and why? Jeep is...