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    Paint advice

    I’m not a purist, so don’t judge. I’m thinking of going with a flat olive drab and keep rollbar, wheels, bumpers and half hard top black. Have used brushed on implement paints with success in past. Any suggestions on a brushable O.D. paint?
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    Windshield Frame

    Can this windshield frame be saved?Has since hit the dumpster
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    Windshield Frame

    Can this windshield be saved?
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    Help with original wheel/rim size???

    1982 cj8 base model. 15 in rims 5 x 5.5 bolt pattern. 108mm centerbore. What is the offset / setback. Really just looking for a rim to put a spare on
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    New Iowa Jeep owner needing advice

    My first Jeep at age 57. Just picked this up Saturday. Sat in a shed for much of past 7 years. Drove it an hour home. I am learning the 258 has common carb/ choke issues. Had to pour a little gas into carb but started right up. Stalled at stop light and took a few minutes to restart...