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  1. Rmhavema

    Factory side steps

    I have a set I can part with. Send me a PM.
  2. Rmhavema

    Copper Duke

    Yes, the pins all lined up with the inserts in the door. Although, I realized that these frames are missing the flat piece of metal that pushes the lower TJ seal down on the door. So, the lower seal is not really tight against the door. There is probably a 1/8” gap in some areas where the...
  3. Rmhavema

    Copper Duke

    I decided to install the half doors with the hard top this summer and thought it would be good to have some soft uppers. I was going to modify the tj half door uppers to work with the yj doors by cutting and welding the metal frame posts, but lucked out. I bought a set of these tj upper steel...
  4. Rmhavema

    Copper Duke

    The previous owner took out the fixed windows and installed vent windows, but the outer door skins were sagging and showing a gap to the vent window seal because of the missing support channel. I welded in a couple of U channels and re-installed the windows with all new seals. Everything is...
  5. Rmhavema

    Copper Duke

    Finally getting around to provide some updates... I am eventually hoping to get duke out on the trails and wanted a place for storing spares and tools. Last winter I found this old Tuffy lock box on craigslist. After cleaning it up and adding some tie down points inside, I painted it and...
  6. Rmhavema

    OEM 20 gallon fuel tank - filler and vent hose availability?

    Thanks for posting this. I had ordered some a while back but have not installed yet. It appears that I mistakenly ordered a set for a CJ7. Don't trust when it says, "yes, this will fit your 1982 Jeep Scrambler". I will be ordering a set from MTS as well....
  7. Rmhavema

    Copper Duke

    So, I guess it's been a while.... I bought a Warn 8274 from Rosco1974 a while back and promised I would post some pictures once I got it installed. Well, it has been on the Jeep for a year now, but here it is. He gave me a great deal and even had all the parts cleaned before shipping. I...
  8. Rmhavema

    82 Iron Duke - Low power, hesitation at low rpm

    Last year the iron duke was running great. I parked it for the winter and did a bunch of suspension/driveline updates. I have taken it for a few test drives recently and the iron duke seems to be running a little off. My issue is that at lower rpm, the engine seems to bog down and feels low...
  9. Rmhavema

    Copper Duke

    I decided it's time to start a thread on the build of my Scrambler. I had several previous posts in the Midwest section, link attached.... Specs so far; 1982 CJ8 Original Iron Duke ~51k miles T4...
  10. Rmhavema

    AMC 20 with 1 piece moser axle shafts and Detroit locker

    Everything went together ok. Looks like it will work with the thrust block installed. Axle shafts bolted on ok and spun freely.
  11. Rmhavema

    AMC 20 with 1 piece moser axle shafts and Detroit locker

    Hey, Upgrading my AMC 20 with 1 piece Moser axle shafts and Detroit Locker. I have been doing some research and had a few questions. From what I have read, when installing 1 piece axle shafts, you need to remove the thrust block from the differential in order to prevent excessive preload on...
  12. Rmhavema

    CJ8 Stock Shock Lengths

    I am in the middle of installing my 2.5" YJ spring conversion with OME springs and looking for some information on stock shock lengths so I can calculate the ideal shock lengths for the new setup. I removed the original shocks and measured the following; Front Extended Length - 20.5" eye to...
  13. Rmhavema

    BDS YJ spring conversion on CJ8

    Looking at getting the BDS 2.5" lift kit for the CJ. BDS recommends upgrading to the YJ spring conversion kit for improved ride (wider springs and less friction). Anyone have any experience with this? Is it worth the extra $400 or should I just stick with the CJ kit. Thanks!
  14. Rmhavema

    Factory Tachometer Install for 2.5L Iron Duke?

    I have a '82 CJ8 with the 4 cylinder 2.5L Iron Duke. It did not come with the factory tachometer, but I have one from a donor dash. I am guessing the tachometer is from the 258 or 304. Is there a way to make this tachometer work correctly with the iron duke? Also, would the wiring harness...
  15. Rmhavema

    CJ8 Rear Tail Light Sheet Metal Panels

    When I purchased my CJ8, both rear tail light panels were dented in. It looks like someone jackknifed a trailer on both sides. Anyway, I am trying to decide if I should have the panels bumped out, or just replace the sheet metal. I was not able to find direct replacements for a CJ8. But...
  16. Rmhavema

    Looking for pictures of CJ8's with 31" tires 31x10.5R15

    Hey, I am looking to put some slightly larger tires on my CJ8. I want to keep it close to stock with little modification, so leaning towards the 31x10.5R15 size. If you are running this size tires, please post pictures. I am interested to see how it looks. Also would be curious to know what...