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  1. timothy

    Great Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion

    Seen at the event
  2. timothy

    Hydraulic clutch

    I'm wondering of those using an hydraulic clutch if you think it's worth the change? And any other thoughts. It looks like a relatively easy swap. Now that I've said that it'll be harder than heck.
  3. timothy

    Scrambler exposure

    A couple of weeks ago I received the May issue of Four Wheeler. They have a feature article titled [NOT SO] MELLOW YELLOW A custom-built Cummins powered Scrambler. A lengthy article/pictures from what Four Wheeler usually puts out. I haven't researched to see if he is on this site as one of...
  4. timothy

    GR8TOPS article

    Yesterday I received my July copy of 4 Wheel Drive and Sport Utility Magazine and in it is an article about GR8TOPS. Matt,the Scrambler Owner Association, and are all mentioned. Good work gets noticed.
  5. timothy

    82 CJ8 - Tim's ride

    Long time listener - second time caller. This is the Scrambler that Matt let get away and wishes he had back. Have done some work on it - new rims (DC-1) and tires (Mickey Thompson 35") - Ox lockers (front and rear) - Cable Twins Sticks (NW Fab) - Procar seats - Tuffy center console, glove box...
  6. timothy

    stock carb

    I recently just changed to a stock carb from a holley that as far as I'm concerned didn't work right. This is how I bought it. What I need to know is which wire hooks up to the electronic choke. I've looked for wiring diagrams/schematics on the web and have come up blank. Any info is...