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  1. gazzo

    Power steering question

    Hey does anyone have any idea why my steering on the CJ10 is sometimes super light and sometimes super heavy like it's not even power steering?
  2. gazzo

    Let's talk about Waterless Coolant

    So I'm hearing more and more about waterless coolant. Now I have two AMC 360s in my precious Heeps with those even more precious timing gears covers. They are oil on one side and coolant on the other as you know and that horrible skinny area around the port that goes through to the engine. When...
  3. gazzo

    J10 power train measurements please

    Hey folks I need some help. I'm considering swapping out the T176 in my CJ10 with a 727. What in unsure of is where things end up, fore/aft, with the 360/727/208 set up in a factory installation. I've measured that it will grow 85mm in length with the auto. The original engine mount holes in...
  4. gazzo

    Help! Horn button near death experience

    Help me please before I do myself in. I pulled the steering wheel on the cj10 to replace the indicator mech. That's all good and the horn worked before but now I can't get it back together working. I think I have missing bits. The spring (which tried to escape a few times) goes into the tube and...
  5. gazzo

    Randyzzz said we need a calendar!!!

    So Randy floated the idea of a calendar. I for one think that is a sterling idea and I know I'm not alone. What do you all think? It can't be hard right? There are a lot of worthy CJ8s in our midst so the challenge would be to get them into 12 months. I guess at the least we'd have 2 on each...
  6. gazzo

    Question about pulsing fuel filter

    So my CJ10 with the 360 is all good to go on its maiden voyage (more than 200 metres from my shop anyways and up to highway speeds. I'm a little concerned though about the fuel filter. It is the correct one with a return line to tank and the pump is a stock mechanical jobbie. Sitting at idle I...
  7. gazzo

    One man's opinion What a $&@%!

    So it seems this $&@%! is no fan of old jeeps. Read on. Blazer, Bronco and old Jeeps, we all cop it in this unit's spray.
  8. gazzo

    "Overlander" All you ever wanted to know.

    So possibly been posted before but there always seems to be a lot of interest in the Overlander when it comes up in any thread. I figured this might be a good place for those interested in the long tin top Jeep to post their info or to find out some things you may not have known. I'm by no means...
  9. gazzo

    Any Jeep pics you want to share?

    A new thread simply because we all see things we think others might like, get a laugh out of or draw inspiration from but have nowhere else to post them up. Gotta be AMC or before though to keep it "real" [emoji41] A bit like this for example:
  10. gazzo

    I blinked and I missed it!

    So one day it's there and the next it's gone. I understand the random picture thread may have drifted off course with non-CJ8 images but it was 80% loaded with good Jeep stuff. Maybe it got lost when the title was changed removing the Jeep reference in the title. Shame that the last post seen in...
  11. gazzo

    Australia coast to coast in a site-unseen 84 Wagoneer

    So here we go, I couldn't hold off any longer. I've been without a full sized Jeep for a decade now and enough is enough. I've pulled trigger and picked up an 84 Wagoneer Limited. They were called Cherokees over here but that name, whilst fitting 30 years ago, has been diluted over the last 20...
  12. gazzo

    CJ grommet kit???

    I was wondering if you guys have ever come across a grommet kit, like a bolt kit for CJs only all the grommets and bungs. Let me know if there's such an animal. Gaz
  13. gazzo

    Illinois tornado

    Just saw there's been a bad tornado over there that's caused major devastation and loss of life. My thoughts are with family and friends of those involved. I'm so sorry for you. G
  14. gazzo

    Rear sway bar on Overlander

    General question and one that's most likely been asked but I'm sat here with a beer and thought I'd put it out there. Has anyone put a sway bar on the rear of an Overlander to help deal with the top heavy feel of the tin top? If so how did that work out?
  15. gazzo

    Disc brake conversion AMC20

    So looking at a disc brake conversion on the V6 Overlander project. I've done some research but I can't find a "preferred" set up. Has anyone got a favourite kit they'd recommend taking in all the usual factors: price, ease of install, availability. Many thanks in anticipation good Sirs.
  16. gazzo

    Beware application crash scam

    So I have been getting these screen notifications that say application crash "send report" or "no thanks". For once I pressed send report and heard the swoosh of an email being sent and thought "oops that doesn't sound good". Sure enough within seconds I get an email on my phone telling me all...
  17. gazzo

    Rear main seal time

    The time has come for me to stop the 8 bleeding out the back before my new clutch turns into a wet motorbike clutch. I can't wait, I'm so excited. I don't expect trouble on Saturday when I do this but if someone could highlight a thread or any tips/tricks that would be appreciated. G
  18. gazzo

    US Flag

    After a catastrophic train wreck that resulted from a JF member displaying a flag on his CJ the wrong way a few months back I'm a little nervous asking this question but here goes: (Disclaimer: being an Aussie I know very little about the US flag and correct protocol. I'm aware that it's a...
  19. gazzo

    I have a friend in Alaska

    So I have a mate living in Alaska for the next few years. I reckon he might be able to do some Jeep spotting if I ask him nice. If anyone sees anything they want looked at let me know and see if he can check it out for us. Edit: he's in Anchorage.
  20. gazzo

    Gazzo's Down-under CJ thread

    Thought I'd take the liberty of starting a thread here on this super forum. I've been lurking for a while now and it seems you folks are all are all pretty keen on the long Jeep as am I. I currently run a 86 CJ8 Overlander and a 84 CJ7 Renegade and have had other Jeeps in the past. I want to...