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    More brakes??

    O.K. I blew a seal on my right front caliper. No big deal they cost $15. Well little did I know that scrambler brakes are different than CJ7's??? I thought that a CJ7 and a scrambler were the same from the doors forward? Advance auto shows different calipers on a scrambler than a 7 and in fact...
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    My girlfriend's gotta go

    :( My wife told me yesterday the 'your girlfriend (her name for my jeep) is sucking the life out of our marrage.' She wants me to sell my nearly complete (about $3000 left to go) 81 -8. I'm not sure what to do. I thought about hiding it in the back yard for a while to let things calm down but...
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    :mad: I was out driving today just like every day in my DD 81 scrambler when I noticed the rear leaf spring eye has completely busted off! What the heck is up with that! I never do any extreme wheeling just an occasional logging trail durring hunting season. The rest is 100% highway. I guess...
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    I bought a gallon do it your self kit of Herculiner at Menards for $80 last summer but never used it. Every one here keeps saying it will fade. So, since I am going to have it sprayed which product should I go with that will stay black. I plan to remove the roll bar before the spray. I'm going...
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    New front drive shaft?

    I am trying to replace my front drive shaft with a new (used) one since my old one is completely shot. Does any one know what size 12 sided socket I should get in order to remove the old one?
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    Any one using cruise control?

    I've been thinking of getting an aftermarket cruise control. Have any of you installed one of these, and how well do they work?
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    Cruise control?

    Any of you guys running after market cruise? I've recently started making a lot of 2 to 3 hour road trips and could sure benifit from cruise. How about the one JC Whitney sells? How do those things work any way?
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    Over head console?

    Any of you guys ever hear of an over head console that will mount inside the half hard top? I want to continue to use it, but I'm not too interested in installing a cage or other spreaders to the roll bar to mount the tuffy one.
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    Kind of Horny

    O.K. now that I have your attention. I took the stering wheel off of my jeep for a recent paint job. I didn't however remember how to put the horn button and all of the guts back together. Any help?
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    Air Seat????

    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I drove trucks in the army. One of the rigs I was lucky enough to tool around in had an air ride seat. This was great for making the ride much much softer. Does any one know where I can get one of these seats for my jeep?
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    New side rails. (home built 101)

    Check out these side boards. 1x6 oak with a simple rounded edge and lots of polyurithane. The real trick was the rear mounting brackets. I got a piece of 1" flat steel and bent it into a z shape. The steel won't rot away like to original wood does and looks much nicer.
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    Project Pics

    Ok. Guys here are the before and after shots of 'ol faithful. I'm still trying to come up with some sort of name for her. Let me know what you think. I bought her from a guys barn 4 months ago. 304 conversion and supposedly 4 inches of lift. I've added TJ flares, new clutch, new tires and...
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    Brake Light Woe's

    I spent the day shaving my -8's butt by removing all of the old swing out carrier and stop and by replacing the tail lights with the very cool oval LED's. I have to say the ol' jeep never looked better. The only problem is that I have no idea how to correctly wire a two wire with ground LED...
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    TJ flares?

    Any body put TJ flares on your -8? My rear wheel wells are rusted out. I don't want to go through the trouble of replacing the bed sides and am considering new flares. I know the front ones look cool and should bolt up, but what is involved with adding them to the rear? Any help would be good.:p
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    Bad fuel and temp guage

    I've read a few posts in here and you guys all say that the fuel guage and the temp guage work together and if 1 goes out the other usually does too. Why is that and what do I need to do to fix it?:confused:
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    Where can I get a spare tire carrier?

    Where can I find a spare tire carrier that mounts to the roll bar? All I can find are the swing outs.:)
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    Death Wabble!

    I just put new tires on my scrambler and picked up a death wabble. I went from 31's up to 33's and had them ballanced. What would cause this? I didn't have it before the new tires, but did immediately after having them installed. It kicks in at about 65MPH and just shakes the heck out of the...
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    What number is my Scram?

    I just bought an '81 scrambler. Since there were only a little over 8k of these built in '81, I was wondering which one was mine. Where do I go to get information regarding the manufacture of my jeep? I would like to know the cool stuff like what options it sold with and for what amount.:)