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  1. tom82cj8

    Scrambler on a JK Unlimited Frame Build?

    Anyone thought of putting a Scrambler body on a JK Unlimited Frame? I have a JK Unlimited and a Scrambler. Lately I have been thinking about doing a coil conversion on the Scrambler. Looking at my JK parked next to my Scrambler made me start thinking about the body swap. At this point, I...
  2. tom82cj8

    SOA suspension 12 years later. What is better now?

    So my Scrambler build is 12 years old now. Spent the weekend wheeling with my daughters. Most of the other Jeeps were JKs and TJs. My Scrambler was the tallest Jeep there by a couple of inches. Most were running 35" tires like mine. It occurred to me that my Jeep might wheel better a few...
  3. tom82cj8

    Fuel filler and vent hose replacements?

    Does anyone make molded replacement hoses for the fill and vent on the fuel filler neck? After 31 years, mine have started leaking. I just installed a new poly 15 gallon gas tank from MTS. It is very nice, fits perfectly, and is made in USA. Does anyone know the hose sizes if molded versions...
  4. tom82cj8

    BigWalton Please post some pics.....

    Hey Eric- Could you please post some pictures of the body armor on your Postal? Or provide a gallery link if you have one. Thanks, Tom
  5. tom82cj8

    How do you know when it is time to sell your Scrambler?

    I've been away for a while. I've neglected my Scrambler. It has been more than 10 years since I got my Scrambler. It started out as two disassembled Scramblers that I drove all the way to Cabool, Missouri(700+ miles) to pick up. I did a frame off restoration including an axle swap and custom...
  6. tom82cj8

    86 Scrambler? Maybe? Saw this nearby. Don't know anything about it. Later-
  7. tom82cj8

    Insurance options for Scramblers? Hagerty said "No"....

    I am trying to lower my insurance costs. Since I don't put many mile on my Scrambler each year I tried to get a classic car policy from Hagerty. I also have a couple of older Firebirds that I am getting similar policies for. Hagerty denied coverage on the Scrambler when they saw pictures that...
  8. tom82cj8

    Help with shipping big parts? Not UPS or FedEX

    Anyone have any experience shipping parts via truck freight? I would like to get some parts from Kansas City to Austin. The parts are large, but not heavy. KC to Austin is a straight shot on Interstate 35. How can I advertise my partial load? I have used LTL for moving a tractor before on a...
  9. tom82cj8

    Tapping Aluminum for Helicoil <<<what a $$$$$>>>

    What am I doing wrong? I need to install some helicoils in my TF727 tailshaft housing. This is where the D-300 mounts. The holes I need to fix are the bottom two where the tranny mount goes. I have drilled out the original threads using the bit from the Helicoil kit, I can't get the Tap from...
  10. tom82cj8

    Which Optima Battery is best for a CJ8?

    Hello- I won a free Optima Battery. What is the biggest/baddest one that will fit in the CJ tray? I have a winch, but don't run it that often. My CJ8 has the 4.2L.... Thanks,
  11. tom82cj8

    Auto Trans Upgrades. Who has installed a shift/reprogram kit?

    I put a reprogram kit in my TF727 this weekend. I wasn't able to install all of the kit parts while the trans was still in my Scrambler. Has anyone rebuilt a TF727? Can you remove the rear band adjuster pivot with the tranny in the vehicle? It looks like the pivot pin has to be knocked out...
  12. tom82cj8

    In Cab Cage. Who has one? Pictures.....

    Lets see pictures of your cages that fit inside the factory half-cab...... Does anyone make a weldable kit or do I have to start from scratch? I don't think I like the bolt together kits, convince me..... -Tom
  13. tom82cj8

    Auto tranny Torque converter never disengages. Idle set too high??

    Anyone know what the factory idle setting was for a Grand Wagoneer with 360/TF727. I recently realized that the torque converter never disengages on my Scrambler's TF727. The Howell TBI setup idles around 700 rpm. Is this too high? Any suggestions on getting the torque converter to let...
  14. tom82cj8

    Who wanted a 401????
  15. tom82cj8

    Is my Scrambler too nice to modify?

    Here is my dilemna. I would really like to start wheeling again this year. I only went out once or twice last year and that was with the family so we kept it pretty tame. I bought a JK Rubicon just for that reason, so we could all 5 be together. However, this has cut into my need for more...
  16. tom82cj8

    Who has Poison Spyder armor on their Scramble?

    What do you have? Post a pic.... I am looking at their crusher corners w/3" flares. What size tube do they use on their rocker knockers? Thanks,
  17. tom82cj8

    Where to buy weather proof automotive style connectors?

    I need some automotive style weatherproof electrical connectors. Both sides male and female with 3 conductors(12 gauge)... Where? -Tom
  18. tom82cj8

    Anyone have a buggy???

    Just curious to see if anyone has a buggy in addition to their Scrambler. I want to more hard core wheelin', but i don't want to tear up my Scrambler. Anyone know where to find a used two-seat Jeep buggy? Thanks,
  19. tom82cj8

    Name this sensor?

    This is a sensor in my intake manifold. I believe it is in the coolant, but it is not the temp gauge sensor. What is it for? I would like to replace it with a temp sensor for my new electric fan setup. Thanks,
  20. tom82cj8

    Electric fans for CJ Radiator....

    What electric fan setups will work on the stock CJ Grille/Radiator? I need something thin and powerful.