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  1. BurntOrange

    Iraqi World Cab

    Yes, that's a cannon mounted inside this World Cab!! See thread on Pirate4x4:
  2. BurntOrange

    half-cab fabrication

    Has anyone ever seen a CJ half cab (like a CJ-10) constructed from a CJ or YJ? I'm not talking about a half cab hard top or soft top - I'm talking about the actual tub. The CJ-10a tugs have these and Aqualu also makes an aluminum model sold as the "J-bucket" by JP Off-road...
  3. BurntOrange

    Lisle 12 piece Super Torx Set

    FYI, Lisle has a new 12 pc. Super Torx Set out. Supposedly 20% stronger than their regular style. They've had a 9 pc. Super Torx set out, but the new one adds a few sizes and I think changes the T60 to a 1/2" drive. Could be helpful with...
  4. BurntOrange

    Thanks to ibscrmbln & CJATE

    I wanted to offer up a big "Thanks" to Ken (ibscrmbln) & Tim (CJATE) for letting me ride shotgun with them on Saturday. Unfortunately Tim busted a DS u-joint early that morning - probably because I was talking his ear off and added a few too many pounds to stress his front axle. Ken's better...
  5. BurntOrange

    Fullsize Fun - '79 F250 axles

    I celebrated the holiday weekend by unloading the fullsize axles I recently brought up from TX. They're from an old '79 Ford F250 farm truck I parted out last weekend at Jeep Masters in Austin. The front is a reverse spiral Dana 44, rear is a Dana 60. 4.10s in both. The front may not be a 60...
  6. BurntOrange

    Hot Springs - any open passenger seats?

    Anybody gonna have room in the #2 seat on the trails for a Jeepless SOA National attendee? I promise I'll try my best to not let my burnt orange rub off on your rig if you are a fan of an opposing Big XII team.
  7. BurntOrange

    Dana 70-2U

    What do you guys think a brand new Dana 70-2U rear with 4.10s, posi, 35-spline shafts, disc brakes & e-brake setup is worth? I'm trying to work a deal on one to pickup this Friday. I was planning on using a rear 30-spline 60 FF with 4.10s I already have out of a '79 Ford but by the time I put...
  8. BurntOrange

    SOA registration help

    Who should I contact for SOA registration help? I joined over a week ago but haven't been able to login to the .org site. I have a thread posted under the "how do I" forum but don't think anyone's seen it. Also, the "Contact Us" page on the site is broken. Thanks!
  9. BurntOrange

    Dewalt 18v cordless grinder

    I was having a heckuva time getting the grill/core support front body mount bolt out today on my parts CJ-7. Finally decided to cut the head off the bolt. My compressor is a Crapbell Hausjunk so wasn't doing my air cut-off tool justice. Wasn't making much progress on cutting and remembered my...
  10. BurntOrange

    Top 10 Profound Observations & Reaffirmations

    :rolleyes: Top 10 Profound Observations & Reaffirmations... ...after a full day of wrenching on my '86 CJ-7 parts plucker. PB Blaster = good, rust = evil Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey! the catch pan should have a volume greater than or equal to the fluid being drained steering wheel will not...
  11. BurntOrange - good fastener info

    Check out this site for some helpful fastener reference information and Adobe Acrobat printable tools: Enjoy!
  12. BurntOrange

    05/05/05 - Cinco De Mayo

    Anybody notice the date today was 05/05/05 AND it was Cinco De Mayo? I think that's a plenty strange enough reason to crack open a cold cerveza tonight. Viva La Mexico!
  13. BurntOrange

    2007 Jeep Wrangler

    spy photos & info
  14. BurntOrange

    rough CJ-10A project for one of you east coast VA guys

    this one may actually go for cheap given it's condition:
  15. BurntOrange

    700R4 broken bellhousing repair

    Does the corner of the bellhousing that broke off of the 700R4 in attached pics look repairable to anyone? Seems to me a skilled welder could glue this back together. I'm considering buying this trans for my project.
  16. BurntOrange

    Squashed Scrambler - view with caution

    I was searching some old pirate4x4 threads and ran across this pic of a squashed Scrambler. What a tragedy. RIP my friend.
  17. BurntOrange

    compression ratio for 87 octane with MPI

    For those of you running Mopar fuel injection setups (OBDI or OBDII, not Renix) on your 4.0 & 258s, if you are able to successfully run on 87 octane what is the compression ratio of your inline? I'm carefully planning my 4.6l stroker and am trying to calculate my compression & quench values to...
  18. BurntOrange

    frame welding

    I need to weld some frame patches to repair rust and also add MORE frame plates front & rear. My dinky mig welder is rated at 3/16" max which is the thickness of the MORE plates and also the frame rail walls I believe. I am worried I may not get enough penetration. Should I go for it with my...
  19. BurntOrange

    Do you have a missile launcher on your CJ-8?

    If you don't have a missile launcher mounted in the bed of your Scrambler and have been searching for one look no further. Enjoy!
  20. BurntOrange

    Frame & suspension beefing to support 770lb Diesel

    Do you think front MORE frame plates and heavy duty motor mounts would be enough for an original -8 frame to hold up to the stress of a 770lb+ GM 6.2/6.5l diesel? How about RE HD 6 leaf SOA springs?