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  1. donaghy

    JK Crambler

    As you note, for the purist, this is in the non scrambler builds section and I refuse to call it a "scrambler". So, due to its insurance demise we will call this the "crambler" as the tailgate and corners were "crammed" in the back and also due to what we will end up with it. GR8TOPS one of...
  2. donaghy

    thread pitch/size of specialty bolt that holes the tailgate latch in place

    I've got some of these on order, but for fab purposes and I'm in a pinch,, I need to know the thread pitch/size of the shoulder bolt that holds the swivel latch into place on interior face of the tailgate.
  3. donaghy

    TEST posting

    NOW AVAILABLE!! JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!! NOTE: Images removed from this post to try to fix issues, see images in post below. New color short sleeve shirts! Long-sleeve shirts are back! Brand new hats! The ever-popular oval CJ-8 stickers! Get yours now! ALL ITEMS SHIPPED VIA USPS Priority...
  4. donaghy

    Oak Ridge, VA - Sept 14

    We won't be in scramblers but I've rounded up a few people to come. A few old schoolers Lee & Callie - 2 kids Matt & Nicole - 1 kiddo - maybe some four legged kids ... Mark - Larry - my brother and dad from Indiana in a JK Al & Megan -brother in law and my niece in a TJ We are staying at...
  5. donaghy

    Empty Trailer Going from Indiana To SC

    I know I hadn't been on here much but been really busy lately.. and not really feeling worthy since don't really have a actual scrambler anymore. (technically I still have one but its the shop jig ..:+) Anyways.. thought I would offer this up. I have an empty 24ft gooseneck trailer...
  6. donaghy

    Alabama - Check in

    Hope everyone is ok from the storms last nite.. anyone heard from Jake yet morning..?? Everyone else present and accounted for?
  7. donaghy

    Spring Offroad Festival/Swap Meet - Columbia, SC

    I should have posted this here earlier.. But, here it is .. Coming up this Saturday, April 30th, there in Irmo, SC. We are expecting a really good turnout. have about 8 Vendors saying they are showing and about 60 raffle prizes. PRINTABLE FLYER HERE Spring Offroad Festival Schedule...
  8. donaghy

    Columbia, SC - Spring OffroadFest/Swap Meet

    PRINTABLE FLYER HERE Mid Carolina Jeepers and Present: 2011 Spring Offroad Festival APRIL 30th A portion of the Proceeds Benefit the CF foundation of South Carolina $15 per entry for participants Spectators are Free Activities: Show and Shine Competition with 4 Classes...
  9. donaghy

    Anyone in Syracuse, NY area with a stock CJ8 halfcab setup?

    I'm working with a company to come up with a replacement tonneau cover for the CJ8's that is much better than original snap to body type. Is anyone near the Syracuse, NY area that would be willing to let us use your CJ8 for a day or so to prototype fitting this to? The body doesn't need...
  10. donaghy

    death of hummer
  11. donaghy

    looks like we get

    slippery/wet oak ridge this year instead of hot/dry oak ridge... should be fun.!!!!
  12. donaghy

    Toby - keep him in prayers and thoughts

    Talked to Jannie just a little bit ago, and they are taking Toby back to hospital. 2nd time in about 3 days. He was in sunday night with very high blood pressure but sent him home yesterday. Back in tonite with high blood pressure and chest pains but she said they supposedly have ruled...
  13. donaghy

    Jeep genes - hereditary or ??????

    I look back on my childhood exposure to jeeps and can't really link anything directly to jeeps when I was a child or even as a teenager. Nobody in my family ever had a jeep when I was younger. None of my grandparents, not my father, nor my brother ever had a jeep nor even any...
  14. donaghy

    happy birthday..!!

    Wow.. bunch of them today.. Lee Smith, RJ, Mike, and Phil. those the only ones I know of but happy birthday to the other guys as well. Happy Birthday to all of you...
  15. donaghy

    EJS 2009 this year

    anyone going to be in Moab for EJS this year? Its shaping up that there may be 3 different jeeps in the vendor area with GR8TOPS half hardtops on them. So, I'm possibly looking at just flying out for 2-3 days during the vendor days on thursday and friday. I won't have a jeep as I...
  16. donaghy

    anyone near phoenix, az?

    shoot me an email.. matt @
  17. donaghy

    someone here needs to buy this

    2000 TJ w/ a cummins diesel in it. a true scrambler body dimensions and not just an LJ.... Pretty interesting read.. 2000 Special Forces Jeep Wrangler This jeep was a combined project with Jeep, Cummins and Commercial and...
  18. donaghy

    google ads

    The ads at the top are coming from google ads to which I subscribe. If you are not familiar with how they work, the content of the ads for the most part, cannot be directly controlled what ads display in that space. Any company or service can purchase the ads to be displayed on any sites...
  19. donaghy

    Memory Lane - the early years

    Was helping upload the Clayton pictures and I ran across some photos that I had forgot I uploaded last year when we set the CJ-8.ORG site up. May of 2001 - Uwharrie National Forest, NC The pictures were from the Spring Scramble we put together back in May of 2001 I think it was. We had...
  20. donaghy

    Congratulations.. we have a winner

    Jake and Jennifer White - They are present at the event.. Jake has served as the event photographer for out last few events.