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    One of my proudest days...!

    So I just got home from a good night at school and found something in the mail for me. My 20 year letter from the Army!!! Sooo stoked! I DID IT!!! I'm now eligible for retirement!!! So many memories (good and bad), way too many lost friends and brothers, and a decomposing body. But I freaking...
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    Xj,not cj headliner help?

    So I've been driving the xj back and forth to school and it's doing really well. Despite it being for sale I kinda feel the desire to put some of the interior back in it to make it a little more comfortable. The headliner was pretty nappy and sagging in places but the backer board is in decent...
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    Any GC CRD diesel WK owners?

    I'd like any of you guys that have/had a 3rd gen grand cherk WJ with the 3.0 MB diesel in it to offer your thoughts, opinions etc on it. Issues you had or known troubles?? Thinking of getting out of the wife's VW sportwagon tdi due to the recall issue. Thinking of finding a used CRD. Help!?
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    Not all jeep but...

    Holy blast from the past... anyone else remember this? Sounds like it's coming back??
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    AMC 20 spider gears??

    Can anyone look at this and say what's up with the groove in these spider gears. Not making noise or having issues and at 150k miles, only a little metal in the fluid. Don't see any other weird wear issues, just this groove.
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    Garden of the Gods????

    So the wife and I decided to kill some time and let me lower my blood pressure after visiting the DMV (Long story) so we rolled in to see what the Garden of the Gods is. Now that we live in the springs we need to at least see some of it. As we are pulling in the entrance I spot (and accidentally...
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    Fiberglass glue??

    So I was wondering about adhesive, fiberglass, and metal...and if/how to join them permanently. My factory full top, single wall, needs some love. I was doing some reading on other things and wondered if it was possible to use some sort of super adhesive to "glue" on some top latches for the...
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    4:1 or crawl box behind NV4500?

    Ok gang... having some dark thoughts so toss me some advice please. Currently my 83 scrambler is AMC 360, NV4500, NWF 2:1 crawl box, dana 300. After driving it a bit today I'm not real excited about some of the noises it's making. The rear shaft is only about 25"s and the diff is sitting pretty...
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    bikini tops...all the same?

    So I was wandering through the local junkyard today and found a (GASP!) 82 CJ7. Pretty much a cancer victim but I found an OEM nutmeg (whitco) bikini top laying in the floor. Its not show quality by far but is in surprisingly good shape. Just curious if there is any differencebetween 7 and...
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    Dana 300 feedback please?

    So I'm about to where I think its time to do something about my Dana 300. I've been working on the bugs for the suspension trying to get the rear drive shaft at an acceptable angle/length. I think I finally have the ride height where I can live with it but I'm still thinking more is needed...
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    Slate blue years and for FSJs too?

    Ran across an 81 jeep wagoneer in the junkyard today. The interior was blue and looked close to the slate blue in my 83 scrambler. While the wagoneer was doomed, there was a lot of interior stuff that looked in really good shape. Wonder if it is as hard to find as cj stuff. I took pics but...
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    Dana 300 HD output upgrade??

    Anyone here running brand X (?) heavy duty upgrade out put for their dana 300 t-case? I'd love to know how hard it was to install and if your happy with it?? Thanks all!
  13. J

    Reinstalling Hard top back side window help!!

    Help guys! I put the full hard top back on for the winter (sniff sniff) but while it was off it had one of the rear side windows pop out. I tried for aver 2 hours to get the dang thing back in but it beat me. I tried using some wire around the groove to help maybe pull the seal but nada. I...
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    custom rear inner fenders help.

    Arch... sorry guys but I've been searching for a thread here and can't find it. Someone here was building a modded 8 and bent up their own rear inner fenders. Can someone help me find it? Please and thank you!! :)
  15. J

    AMC20 w/Warn FF kit...Want disc!

    Ok all you modification gurus... I'm fed up, done, and super over the POS drum brakes on my 8. I feel like it is (past) time for me to swap over to discs but I'm not sure what all I need to make it happen. I'd like to do this on a budget using readily available from parts stores parts where...
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    Cherish your CJs...

    The end is neigh. Seems Jeep/Feep is quickly moving to alter the icon we all love. Soon to a stealership near you... A Wrangler with no solid front axle. Not clear if this or next remodel design but IFS seems to be near a shoe in soon.