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  1. splogue

    Dana 300

    I know this information is out there somewhere but I cannot seem to find it. Without the Dana 300 shift level attached, how can I tell what the status is of the transfer case? When I look at it both the "shift rails look to be stick out the same distance. Thanks in advance, Sean
  2. splogue

    Body panel and tub repair

    Good morning, The Jeep is asking for some love, it has a decent body but has the usual rust spots. Floor pans, side body panels, above the tires. What I need is advice on a beginner welder, thinking Hobart 140. It had been years since I welded and that was just learning. Also what body...
  3. splogue

    Trying to get the jeep to start

    I have been away from my jeep for threes years now, due to orders overseas. Someone was supposed to start the jeep every few months but that did not go as plan. First the battery died, then the fuel pump went out. I think they might have left it on and killed both. BUT nothing I can do now...
  4. splogue

    Heater and vent

    It seems to be a theme, my heat does not work. When I pull the VENT/HEAT KNOB half way out (heat) nothing behind the dash moves, except a little spring. When I pull it all the way out it is ard to get past the half way mark then ok. The metal rod and heater cable then move. BUT going back to...
  5. splogue

    engine not heating up

    While driving around town the engine will not get above 160/170. The heater core was leaking but the has since been replaced. I check the thermostat before putting it in and it checked out fine. Any ideas? Sean
  6. splogue

    blower motor

    Can anyone tell me how the heater blower motor is wired. I went to turn on the heater the other day and nothing happened. Then the heater core decided to go out so I have the heater box apart. While taking apart the box I did nto take a single wire off the motor. So now I need to figure...
  7. splogue

    Clutch fork dropping

    I have a 4.0 hooked up to a T-5 and the clutch fork will drop/fall out of place after I push the pedal in a few times. This causes the Push Rod to come out. I have yet to put any springs on the fork since I cannot figure out where the opposite side attaches. Is the fork supposed to drop...
  8. splogue

    Cj-7 1985 elpaso

    I am not sure where to post this, this looked like the best spot. My friend just picked up this 1985 CJ-7. It has a huge ELPASO decal on the hood. Does that mean anything .
  9. splogue

    body mount hardware

    I just ordered the complete Body Mount and Bushing kit from 4WD (Super Kit by Daystar). Cannot find the kit the guy said to order (Full kit by PROTHANE). It does not look like the picture I initially wanted to order but it was for the 7 not the 8 and the guy said the other kit is what I...
  10. splogue

    4.0 swap

    This might be on the site somewhere but after searching for the pat hour, it thought I would ask. Pin 30 -Parking/neutral safety switch- on a 94 Jeep Cherokee should be XXX when trying to start? XXX = ground or 12VDC I have the engine in, harness hooked up and get nothing when trying to...
  11. splogue

    New VA scrambler

    My wife was out driving to pick up the kids and saw a scrambler on the side of the road with the hood up. WHAT SHE DO? She calls me and I head up there. When I get there his wife is there and states he thinks he is out of gas. After he gets back he puts fuel in but no luck. So he calls his...
  12. splogue

    grill bolt

    In order to remove my grill I had to cut the bolt off. It is completely rusted to the threaded insert that is attached to the grill. What size threaded insert and bolt do I need to weld on? or does it really matter? Sean
  13. splogue

    flywheel bolts

    I have been reading and reading Some people suggest you replace the fly wheel bolts when replacing the clucth Some people say there is no reason to replace them. Which way is the right way? I want to get the clutch on and engine in tomorrow. Thanks for the help Sean
  14. splogue

    82 WT front shock mounts

    After removing my engine and taking care of some rust, I realized the front shock mounts were pretty rusty. Well I think they were since a lot of the rust looked like mud. There is no way for the water and muck to drain in the factory configuration. That leads to my question: How thick should...
  15. splogue

    4.0 swap

    After LONG consideration of what to do about getting the jeep on the road I have decided on the 4.0 swap. I have the engine, wiring harness, and ECM. My plan is to install the 4.0 with the T-5 and Dana 300. I know I need to find a way to get the CPI or CPS (depending on what web site)...
  16. splogue

    4.0 HO with no spark

    I have a friend who has a 99 4.0 HO installed in his 89 Cherokee. It is using the 89 ECM with the OBDI set up. The jeep ran fine until recently and now has no spark. It might start it might not. If it does start it only stays running for about 10 minutes. He has stated he changed the CPS...
  17. splogue

    reman, rebuilt or new

    When I get back, I am going to fix my scrambler. I need some advice though. Which is the best way to go. Rebuild the current 258. get a remaned one Or just get a new one. Cost is not the issue I just want the best one. Sean
  18. splogue

    258 blowing smoke and how do I fix?

    I started to tear apart the engine today. Got the manifolds, power steering pump, and valve cover off. While loosening the head bolts I noticed a very loose rocker arm. It is the second one from the front (intake?). After that I stuck a finger into the manifold holes to find the second one...
  19. splogue

    258 rebuild Questions

    It has been a long time since I have been on here but I am back for now. The 8 has been sitting for almost two years. You know the drill, money not time, time no money. I need to rebuild the 258 I have but have questions before I get to deep. I know I want a complete rebuild, to include...
  20. splogue

    Sm 465

    How much is a SM 465 worth? I have one sitting under my work bench. I never realized what it was, I got it from a friend who had to go away for a few months. I know this is a transmission that people like to adapt to built 258 and bigger. Sean