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  1. revho

    15x7 or 15x8 by pictures??

    Any good way to tell by a pic if these are or 8”???
  2. revho

    My Postal archive

    Beginning: So, in the late summer of 2006, I think, I found a 1984 Postal cross posted from another forum on the Alaska 4x4 network forum for sale. The gentleman with it for sale was having a hard time moving it. He got it on trade for some other equipment. His thought was building it so his...
  3. revho

    West Bend, WI, any members near here or Milwaukee?

    Located a beer crate local here and the owner does not want to ship. My Brother collects Michigan beer crates and is trying to get this one. Anyone here local that can help? Ad is on facebook marketplace. Thanks! Kevin
  4. revho

    Jeep pedal car barn find

    This was a recent barn find by a local picker and I was lucky enough to snag it. It is a Hamilton USAF 3521 Staff pedal car made by Hamilton in the 1950's. Pretty rare model from what I can find on the interwebs. Will have to do more research and find a good restore place to do it up nice...
  5. revho

    Barrett Jackson poll

    Just had a poll on Barrett Jackson, what was the best off road vehicle. One announcer said most people don't even know what a CJ-8 even was before the results were in.