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  1. gpassida

    Scrambler in Jeep 2017 EJS video

    I just watched this video and was pleasantly surprised to see a Scrambler at 1:04 in. Is it someone on this board?
  2. gpassida

    Rubicon - September 2017

    We had a small group do the Rubicon last September. I don't have any pics but Mark B from Reno joined us with his Scrambler at Rubicon Springs. It was much tougher due to alternating snow, rain and hail on our first day. Cold tires don't like to stick to wet, cold rocks! We made it all the...
  3. gpassida

    Mount Shasta Scenic Day Ride

    Hello, Do we have anyone on here from far Northern California? I'm in Redding. I used some topo maps on the Gaia GPS app and found some easy but very scenic trails on the North Side of Mount Shasta. Definitely plan on taking the family back to camp here soon. Enjoy the pics! George .