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  1. Drahcir495

    Jeep Scrambler Car Covers?

    I really can’t get the search feature to let me type anything in, so sorry if this has been answered before. Due to zero room in the garage while I am putting the CJ 7 together, the Scrambler has to be parked in the driveway. It has never been parked outside, so I need to get at least a cover...
  2. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    It has been so long since I have been on the forum that I think I should re-introduce myself. My name is Rich and I go by Drahcir495. It sounds strange, but it is just Richard backwards. I have an 1984 Scrambler with soon to be with a Chevy 350 V8, T19c transmission and the D300 transfercase. I...
  3. Drahcir495


    Hey guys, Is there any way to tell if your Scrambler is a Laredo? I wave the seats with the silver stripes, tach and clock, chrome grill cover with black pinstripe around outer edge, leather wrapped OS bar, factory air. Would the VIN number tell you?
  4. Drahcir495

    Trying to be a Scrambler? Stretched CJ10

    Interesting Craigslist find ->
  5. Drahcir495

    Scrambler on "Lost"

    Did anyone watch tonights episode of LOST? They had a Scrambler in the background during the visit to the faith healer in Australia :cool:
  6. Drahcir495

    The Scrambler just got 5th gear

    Look what I found in all my junk :D Both are less than a year old. They came out of my bosses wrecked jeep. Had to pick it up, it was a steal :eek: The transmission is a new NV4500 with used dana 300. Going in the Scrambler - The engine is a new gm crate motor with new cam, port and...
  7. Drahcir495

    Help me decide

    I have been tripping over my half hard top for almost two years now. I am trying to figure out if I should keep it or not? I was thinking you guys could help me go over the pros and cons. I have to many cons - I am in Florida, so I only need to keep the rain out. I already have a full soft top...
  8. Drahcir495

    CJ-8 Emblem

    Got my CJ-8 emblem this week! It is nice! Looks like the original off the 7....but with an eight :) . I can't wait to put it on. Thanks Matt for well designed product-Rich
  9. Drahcir495

    Am I the only one?

    I just got back on. I almost gave up. It has been a very long time since I was able to log on. Am I the only one?-Rich
  10. Drahcir495

    How are the new emblems?

    I am thinking of buying the new emblems in the products section. Anyone have all three and what do you think of them? Thanks, Rich
  11. Drahcir495

    Stock auto column w/700R4

    Hello, I am putting in a 700R4 into my jeep and need to know if a stock auto steering column can be made to work with the 4speed 700R4? Any ideas or should I go with a Lokar shifter? Thanks, Rich
  12. Drahcir495

    seasedog: what SR are you using?

    I was checking out your Scrambler home page and pics, seasedog. Nice! What shackle reversal system are you using? And is it a through the frame set up like MORE?-Rich
  13. Drahcir495

    ARB Snorkel

    Can anyone tell me if putting in a snorkel will improve the air flow to the intake or starve it? The reason I ask is, I am putting in a rare...err...AMC 350 w/TPI that looks nothing like the Chevy L98...yeah thats the ticket. Just want to know if this is a good idea...the snorkel part, hehe.-OUT...