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  1. Craner8

    Let’s talk windshield frames

    Is it repairable? Is it an original frame? Toy box Jeeps in Daytona or JeepSalvage in Statesboro Ga may have something.
  2. Craner8

    Flew to California to buy my first cj8

    Nice rig. Love the color.
  3. Craner8

    A999 Trans problem

    Did the trans fluid have any air in it? Have a Chevy blazer, trans filter developed a slight crack hardly perceptible to the eye and sucked air and transmission slipped. I didn’t have any glug glug glug though. That may mean something else. Transmission shop replaced the filter and fluid. That...
  4. Craner8

    Reasons to buy a CJ8

    What about an ‘04-‘06 TJ Unlimited? 2 door long wheelbase. Limited production years. Kinda like a Scrambler. Always thought they are the next collectible Jeep and should increase in value over time. We passed on a red, loaded Florida non-Rubicon for $15,000 3 years ago. They should be in your...
  5. Craner8

    Replacing corners, tailgate gaps

    I’m no expert. Start with that. Are the brackets secure on the rear quarter panels like bracket picture three? Maybe put a ratchet strap across the back and pull the quarter panels together? Maybe jack and 4x4 lifting quarter up? Shims? Not sure that would keep them from returning to their...
  6. Craner8

    Scrambler photo contest

    Agreed, great pic, great choice. Suitable prize.....gently used 360 from Mater? The timing of the swap and the contest made me think.....(y)
  7. Craner8

    Another Scrambler Purchase/Road Trip - UPDATE- BODY ON FRAME AGAIN

    I agree with Randyzzz. Contact phoenix graphics see if they can provide you with samples of three colors. Any competent autobody paint supply store should be able to color match exactly, in spray cans. Get can of clear. Hopefully paint doesn’t lift black paint or affect powder coating, if it...
  8. Craner8

    Starter switch? Issue

    I would check the battery. 10 Volts May not be enough to start it. Can you jump start it?
  9. Craner8

    Restoring color to interior door panels

    SEM is the way to go. Prep is key, though. Follow their instructions for their system. They are detailed. Autobody paint supply store should be able to do exact color match in a spray can, assuming you have a color code, or you can take door panel in to store.
  10. Craner8

    Origin of the name “Scrambler”

    Haven’t seen this answered before. Anyone know how AMC came up with the name ”Scrambler”?
  11. Craner8

    Front Fenders/Firewall Attachment

    We have a store here called Skycraft; sells surplus items. I bought a 3M product, probably same as referenced earlier. Mine came in”beads” you pulled apart and applied. Looked like the material we use to plug tires although not same product. Very sticky and rubbery, about an inch wide when...
  12. Craner8

    Left Rear Wheel Well Harness Protector

    Jay Newsome at Jeep Salvage in Statesboro Ga. may have one if he’s still in business. You can google his name. Has (or had) a large Jeep yard.
  13. Craner8

    Project I don't want to paint it!

    Looks great- add more pictures!
  14. Craner8

    Decals for the DIY'er?

    I did mine too, first time. Had a second pair of hands. Used a good quality spray bottle with dishwashing soap or special decal soap, fresh razor blades, a new needle, and a squeegee. Did the same set including hood decal. Went well. Ran the rear decal up the body line. Press the razor...
  15. Craner8

    Rosco1974's 1985 CJ7 Project

    Sorry I was looking at the blue 7 with the nice door panels.
  16. Craner8

    Rosco1974's 1985 CJ7 Project

    Factory automatic, tilt column ( it appears). That’s worth the purchase price.
  17. Craner8

    Budget Iceland Offroad ZJ build

    Good luck with the removal and tear down. Hope all is well.
  18. Craner8

    Belt Squeal and Alignment

    It’s like it’s mounted two different ways in two different pictures. One has a washer only and one has something behind it ( like part of a washer) with a washer. Possibly put the washer behind the bracket in front of the mounting point and kick the top out a tick. Don’t know for sure.
  19. Craner8

    Clutch mechanism problem and question

    Hoping I don’t need a bracket on bell housing. Found advance adapters has a kit for $77. Slave has S 3828 on it ( original we installed, and new one). Installed it 10 years ago and lasted this long. Installed original mechanical spring on it then, which I think was too strong. Caused slave to...
  20. Craner8

    Clutch mechanism problem and question

    I bought Omix Ada too and it clears booster by 1/4 inch. Cap fits tight but screws on ok. Just replaced it; slave is next.