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  1. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    Put the full soft top on and I forgot how good it looks with it on -> They told me that the Scrambler cover wouldn’t work with the full top on, so I am so happy they are wrong. The cover really exceeded my expectations.
  2. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    I am taking the half hard top hopefully today and putting full soft top on. I will post some pictures of it then 👍🏻
  3. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    I didn’t get anything done on the Jeep today except got my new car cover on the Scrambler. Paid $130 for the Scrambler specific cover from car auto I think I put it on backwards the first time, but now I think it’s on the right way. Also they said it would not work with a full...
  4. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    Yep, more pictures to come. Just got the motor in yesterday. Got to put grill and fenders on today.
  5. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    Had a chance to put on the new rear fender flares on today. Took a stupid amount of time getting them on, but they are a fantastic fit! -> I am very happy that I asked about replacement options from this group.
  6. Drahcir495

    Jeep Scrambler Car Covers?

    I am certain it has 👍🏻, but the search feature would not let me type anything into it at all?? Thanks for the replies. I have one ordered and will post up details when I try it out.
  7. Drahcir495

    Jeep Scrambler Car Covers?

    I really can’t get the search feature to let me type anything in, so sorry if this has been answered before. Due to zero room in the garage while I am putting the CJ 7 together, the Scrambler has to be parked in the driveway. It has never been parked outside, so I need to get at least a cover...
  8. Drahcir495

    RIP Jessie-

    I am always saddened by these posts. One of the most traumatic event in my life was being in the room when our family dog was put to sleep. A hard, hard decision to make, but in the end it was the best thing for her. I hope you know that such an unselfish decision was the right thing for...
  9. Drahcir495

    Official Forum Lurker Intro Thread!

    Welcome Dansim 👍🏻. Be sure to start a build up thread so we can enjoy your progress.
  10. Drahcir495

    Project Blue

    Wow, Very nice! Love the color.
  11. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    I am looking forward to documenting the progress. Like with my other builds, I have to put it all down in a build-up thread or I will forget ?? I
  12. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    Thank you 👍🏻
  13. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    I got to tell you, I only punched it once and it scared the heck out of me. A stock 350 will be plenty of power. At least for me. I hope to get it in soon and driving around town.
  14. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    Yes, it could be the cool aid lol. I am so glad I did not have the money back then to do the absurd mods I wanted to. I guess I fell in love with those Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires. They only offered them in 37”, so that is what I got 🙄. I would like to go to 35 inch. I will keep the Rubicon...
  15. Drahcir495

    Build Thread "Index" - Read the rules!!

    Year: 84 Model: CJ8 Final/current tire size: 37” Build details: -Rubicon Express 4.5” lift -Chevy 350 V8 -T19c transmission -Dana 300 transfercase -Tuffy Storage console -Stereo in console -Aftermarket bumpers -Warn M8724 winch Thread link...
  16. Drahcir495

    Renewed Obsession

    It has been so long since I have been on the forum that I think I should re-introduce myself. My name is Rich and I go by Drahcir495. It sounds strange, but it is just Richard backwards. I have an 1984 Scrambler with soon to be with a Chevy 350 V8, T19c transmission and the D300 transfercase. I...
  17. Drahcir495

    New but not so new

    Hey Jeff :thumbsup: I just got back on too - last time was 2002 I think? I am looking forward to this build. As previously said; lots of pictures please :D. I do not think anyone here will bash your plan!
  18. Drahcir495

    New to me '82 Scrambler

    I just love this Scrambler (y) . Any updates?
  19. Drahcir495

    Rock Junction?

    Man, I really like that full hard top. Those views are amazing too.
  20. Drahcir495

    Seasonal Cleanup

    Clean shop and clean Scrambler! Like them both (y)