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    Sound proofing/ heat control

    I helped a friend do the firewall and floor in his crew cab diesel once using something similar. I think the stuff he used was called BoomMat...? It was a $100 Amazon splurge for a whole roll and a roller applicator. Can't say much for the changes in heat (it was a black truck, so it was...
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Lokar makes the "standard knob adapter" and "Muscle Car T-handle" for their shifters, which either require pushing down on the whole knob rather than a button. You might be able to adapt that into a squeeze handle type option. The t-handle thumb button might be a little more tricky depending...
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Hmm... Looks like I was wrong. Park is hard lock, Neutral is hard lock. Bottom detent to OD, flat from OD to D, then forward notched from 1 to 2 to D. You could definitely smooth the ramps between 1, 2 and D so they simply "clicked" as you went back and forth without having to depress the...
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    I thought on the Lokar you could shift 1st to 2nd to 1st without detents, then it step-detented in D, and could shift D to OD to D witnout detents, all while only hard detenting in P and N? Basically the same as most stock console shifters. If nothing else, it looks like the detent plate on...
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    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    What about the Lokar shifter? Edit: Nevermind, I see you have a thing against the push button gate interlock.
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    Yes, the bulkhead is still available. I'll give you a shout after work today.

    Yes, the bulkhead is still available. I'll give you a shout after work today.
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    Starter let me down

    Is the flex plate straight? Could the Torque Converter be "ballooning" due to fluid heat and pressure causing the flexplate to warp, thus the hot start issue? I know that's unlikely, but part of the issue sounds heat related. Is the engine ground good? Could it be losing current when hot and...
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    3-person back seat in a Scrambler

    Did the seat tumble originally in the Yukon? Was there any way to incorporate that, or was that outside of your scope? I like the concept, especially the built in seat belts, but tumble would be nice for versatility. Also, how does the leg room look for your boys in that location? Edit: I...
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    I'll play... At first I was just keeping them under the lid so it was still clean and classy outside, but then I got carried away...
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    In regard to the new Bronco release

    I like the new Bronco quite a bit, but this was my first thought during the reveal as well... :rotfl:
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    In regard to the new Bronco release

    Isn't the top "History of Jeep" picture actually a bunch of FORD GPW's??? Which were responsible for the coining of the phrase "G-P" "geep" "jeep" in the first place.... *stirring pot*
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    My '82 CJ-8 "Rambler"

    No real updates on making progress. Ran into a snag procuring a clean title due to previous owner floating whatever title he claimed to have "lost", assuming he ever had one. Hoping for some sort of good news from CODoT, but the recent economic climate has things moving slow and very difficult...
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    That's manual transmission mentality... Boost combined with a non lockup slushbox with stall speed synced to turbo map is a LOT of fun offroad. There's nothing wrong with letting an engine sing a little bit
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    The story of Peggy's jeep.
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    Floor pan project last weekend and question

    Nicely done! Was there a specific reason not to use the whole replacement panel?
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    Someone called it a TJ 6

    This thing is so sick :drool:
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    3-person back seat in a Scrambler

    What is your rear axle/tire/wheel setup? 6" seems like quite the french to still not hinder tire stuffing... But looks like a very legit and viable option for people wanting a tidy seating solution! Good work!
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    What's on your Work Bench?

    Got bored and needed some welding practice. I still need practice....LOTS of practice....but my niece has a piggy bank now.
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    3-person back seat in a Scrambler

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    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    I've used the copper nickle stuff before and it is an absolute joy to bend and route.