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  1. barrys

    Starter solenoid wire identification

    I caught that too. Laughing out loud at lunch, nothing in my mouth at the time😂
  2. barrys

    Newly Purchased 1982 CJ-8 Laredo Project

    Welcome. I have not taken on a project like you are but everything I have heard and read.....figure out your estimated budget and then add alot more on to it. Good luck and enjoy the time with your son!
  3. barrys

    Starter solenoid wire identification

    Corrosion could be it but I have seen worse work. Clean it and try it. You can't think of the "neutral safety switch". Could be bad or gotten disconnected. Possible bad fuse? Broken wire in the column? When you turn the key a small rod moves on top of the steering column, something get messed up...
  4. barrys

    Burnt up 1985 Scrambler

    So you bought it this way? Tune up go wayyyy wrong.
  5. barrys

    Is a cj-6 valuable

    Pretty sure the wheel base was shorter or just about the same, not longer. Everything I have ever read anyway. I had a CJ6. It was complete and a basket case and got $1000 or $1500 for it, can't remember.
  6. barrys

    title question

    I bought one. Had no title, no wheels, no tranny, no t-case. Sold the frame for more than I paid for the whole thing. Still have parts of it.
  7. barrys

    title question

    Let's see some pictures of the salvaged Scrambler.
  8. barrys

    Overlander Top gaps.

    Maybe the top was off, somebody put a "soft top/bikini retaining channel" on the windshield frame and didn't take it off before putting top back on
  9. barrys

    11" Rear drum swap and brake upgrades in general - nerding out

    2000 pound boat trailer probably does not have brakes. If not, adding them should solve your brake issues when towing. Swap the whole axle for one with brakes.
  10. barrys

    83 converted into a brush fire truck, seeking estimates on value and interest

    More pictures would be helpful to see what kind of modifications/holes have been drilled into the body. Looks clean but the picture is not much to go on. I am guessing you blurred out the fire company name to prevent somebody from swooping in and buying it before you can figure out what it may...
  11. barrys

    The story of Peggy's jeep.

    That right there is funny and probably realistic for many of us.
  12. barrys

    Ford 7.3 Godzilla swap?

    One article about it says "those w IU th big engine bays.....". I would say that eliminates Jeep CJ's. Might fit, the cooling system would probably be another story.
  13. barrys

    86 CJ7 - 4Cylinder - T5 Transmission Problems

    That's a personal call. T5 has overdrive and is already there. T176 is stronger, no overdrive, would require driveshaft changes(95% sure anyway).
  14. barrys

    Zipper stuck!

    How do you fix a stuck zipper. FWIW it's a Bestop tiger top on my CJ7. I can't move it pass the messed up part where the zipper didn't mesh together right.
  15. barrys

    Times They Are A Changin'

    Yes, I am an identically twin, Bas157 on here is my twin brother. He has a CJ7 so he is not on here alot. I have identical twin nephews who are 22, I have a tough time telling them apart when I see them, at least until I know who is who that day then I just remember what they are wearing.
  16. barrys

    Times They Are A Changin'

    When people ask me how I like being a twin, I come back with "How do you like NOT being a twin". I know no other way so I can't give an truely accurate answer. Congrats!
  17. barrys

    Epic fails

    Unless it's a front wheel drive truck, how is it even moving anywhere.
  18. barrys

    Number of members? number of Scramblers?

    I have had 2 Scramblers that I took apart, 1 burnt, 1 was a hot mess with aluminum diamond plate and steel fence post bodywork. My first Scrambler was taken apart by at least 2 owners past me. Body was for sale on facebook a few months back.
  19. barrys

    Number of members? number of Scramblers?

    I don't know anything about Toyotas but I have a feeling that is a Toyota in Jeepish clothing. Looks weird without any front frame horns, 6 lug axles, 22re, un jeepike steering column:shrug: