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    A gearing question for a street only scrambler.

    Hi all, looking for a little advise regarding my scrambler and gearing. I am running the stock T5, dana 300, and original 2.73 gearing. I'm now running 255/75-17 tires which makes them 32" but only 10" wide. The engine is rebuilt 4.2 running a 4.0L head, borla header, clifford intake, HEI...
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    Charcoal Canister venting options - seek opinion

    Hi all, I have everything hooked up and running great after a long, almost 5 year hiatus. I need some advice on what to do with my fuel vent. My jeep is running the Howell TBI an has zero emissions stuff hooked up to it. The valve cover has a plug in the rear and the front one has a vent...
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    Wheels advice sought 17 vs 15

    Hi all, wanted to get some opinions for wheels. I am set on black satin or glossy wheels, aluminum preferred. The jeep has 1" body and 1" suspension lift. Currently have 31's on 15's from before it was rebuilt and I am not looking to update. I believe I want a tire that is 32 total inches...
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    Seat Conundrum - too tall after new seats. Need a definitive answer

    Hi all, So i'm getting really close to finishing the 5-year project, and I went to mock up the seats today. I purchased a set of smittybuilt seats matching sides over a year ago when they were on sale. So now I'm at the point of install...
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    Grommet and Seal troubles - locating the right stuff

    Hi all, I'm in the throws of my restore. I'm now at a point of addressing the HVAC system and finding it difficult to locate the bits I need. The big things I'm struggling with are the parts that are attached through the firewall. First part I need is the correct seal/grommet where the upper...
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    Which harness and PN for my situation please?

    I"m getting close to start the wiring portion of the 4 year long project and it's now time to purchase the harness. I assume I want the painless harness but there are variations and I want to get a recommendation. Equipment on the jeep is the original 258 with a 4.0L head and a Throttle Body...
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    Request: Pics of under the hood fender bracket setup

    Hi all. I'm struggling with completing my build. This is my first ever complete vehicle rebuild (i've built dozens of motorcycles, but not jeeps) and this project has been going on for a long time that I don't even remember how some of it goes back together. Hopefully someone can chime in to...
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    Help Wanted on Scrambler Reassembly - Northern VA - will pay

    Hi there. I am on the tail end of putting my rest-mod Scrambler back together and I'm pulling my hair out trying to solve some of the puzzle. I'm looking for an experienced person that can come in and work with me to finish the assembly of this jeep. It's pretty much there, but I'm getting...
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    Anyone ever do a full length bikini top?

    Hi there. I'm in the process of finishing up a total rest-mod of my 82 and one of the items I want to do is a full-length bikini top. I have a custom rollbar that ex
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    MD Juan Tub and fender flares. Anyone solve this?

    Hi all. I am working to get this tub completed. It is an MD Juan, and while much better than my old tub, it did still require a lot of time to make it right. In this picture, I am holding up a new set of flares and they don't appear to cover very well. Anyone have some better option for me...
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    Stainless Steel Fuel Lines - got trouble

    Hey all, I had ordered a complete brakeline stainless kit and installed it without a hitch. I thought, what the heck, while I'm doing this complete restore, may as well do stainless fuel lines. I went ahead and purchased 25' rolls of 3/8 (inlet) and 5/16 (return and vapor) and bent them...
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    Looking for a body all-in-one shop in northern VA...any recommendations?

    Hi all, I have completed the drivetrain restoration of my scrambler and am very happy with the results. it is time to move onto the body, which I am not skilled enough (desire either) to tackle. I want to drop it off (or have picked up) and returned to me complete and ready to bolt to the...
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    Stainless Exhausts for Scrambler

    Hi all, I am seeking some opinions for a stainless exhaust. I've done a lot of research, and even had some exchanges with Borla and Magna flow but they didn't really answer my questions, so I'm coming here for the real experts. I have a 258 with 4.0L head conversion, howell efi, and a borla...
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    Power steering pulley for serpentine version

    Hi all. During the rebuild of my rig, i have updated the steering box and pump. I happen to have a CA version with the serpentine belt. When attempting to pull the pulley off using my 3-point jaw puller, bad things happened. So at this point, I would rather just get a new pulley for the new...
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    Transmission Skid Plate issue

    Hey all. I'm having trouble putting my transmission skidplate back on. I have tried all the combinations of slots and holes and cannot get this stupid thing to mount on all 6 holes. Is there a definitive approach to this? Am I supposed to be using specific slots or holes (there are many)...
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    Suspension U-bolts - direct replacements as stock?

    Hi there, I am in the process of reworking my suspension and it will remain stock. In the process, I'm changing out my saggy leaf springs. I ordered up replacements and replacement u-bolts. The U bolts I received: OAI18204.06 from are not the same as the stock. They are thinner...
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    Ol' Brown finally getting the treatment it deserves. Fatcaaat's Jeep Rebuild Thread

    Hi all. My username on all other forums is Fatcaaat, and hence the thread name for easy search and recall. The plan is simply....frame off restore/mod if my 1982 Jeep Scrambler. I've had it since 2001 with 38k miles on it and today it has right about 90k. What I want to say is that this...
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    I want to start a project, but not sure what to do. Advice requested.

    Hi all. I have been very inactive on this board for the past 5 years due to life circumstances, but hopefully will be getting back in gear. I'm in the process of starting up a semi-restore on my Scrambler, and wanted to get some advice from the fine folks here. About 11 years ago I earned...
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    Complete Jeep teardown and assembly in 4 minutes...really!

    I never post things like this. However, this warrants some serious props! Enjoy!
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    Need a mechanic/fabricator to perform some restore work

    I have never had anyone touch my jeep but me. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to get the things I want done completed. So I am looking for someone, preferably within a 250 mile radius. Here is what I want done...please hit me up with a PM if you do this type of work or send me any...