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  1. LSUtiger

    CJ10a big block Caddy 500 Rat Rod 😈

    Well...... FINALLY getting started on this project. Mostly using leftover stuff from other builds. So far, i'm out a grand total of ZERO dollars! Mostly from parting out a '92 Dogde dually and a '95 YJ and keeping the parts i wanted/needed. Bought this bed and some H1 wheels and tires for...
  2. LSUtiger

    Can't turn left!

    Ok, I'm officially stumped. I've been redoing my 81 for a couple years now. 350/Dana 44/hydro-boost brakes, yadda yadda yadda..... Anyway, she doesn't wanna turn left unless the front axle is off the ground. Power steering works fine to the right. Power steering works fine to the left until...