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  1. J

    Burnt up 1985 Scrambler

    Ebay maybe? Might be able to find the engine harness and under dash harness there.
  2. J

    Floor pan project last weekend and question

    Seam seal as well. Bed liner paint can be mixed to match color and with the seam sealer does a good job at making the repair blend in.
  3. J

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    If the floor seam to firewall seam is intact there is interest. Can give better detail if this is so.
  4. J

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    cb. What's your plans with the bulkhead/firewall?
  5. J

    86 CJ7 - 4Cylinder - T5 Transmission Problems

    For under a grand you can find a 90's wrangler complete and running. That is the best way that I know of for a 4.0/AX swap. Depending on the year and how good you are at the wiring stuff, You can go OBD1: pretty easy or OBD2: Little more involved...either way having a complete rig to use is...
  6. J

    Frame repair

    Easy way is to buy the rear one and cut it to fit. Can also have a metal shop bend up a piece without too much difficulty.
  7. J

    Help with OME Springs and Bushings

    Wondering what you came up with to resolve this. Don't like the yellow OME bushings either, so I plan on using factory bushings in the OME's that I have. All of that is on hold for the moment.....just to nice out to be in.
  8. J

    Number of members? number of Scramblers?

    Maine doesn't require a title on 20 plus year old vehicles. Just a bill of sale. If you want to reestablish a title you need to put in the paper work to the DMV; little money later you have a title. Requires work on your part and the rules are slowly getting more restrictive as time goes by.
  9. J

    SJScrambler - Getting Started

    windshield any good?
  10. J

    Number of members? number of Scramblers?

    Know of two more field Scramblers in my neck of the woods. They have been sitting out there for as long as I can remember. Scrambler I pulled out of the woods was 'retired' due to a head gasket issue and a bad rear end. Body/frame rust as far as I can figure was due to sitting. Inquired a few...
  11. J

    82 UK Spec Laredo Scrambler Build No 2

    Same here. 15 gal tank with that angle iron bracket. Wondered what it did as well.
  12. J

    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Was wondering what type of banjo fittings were used and if you were going to make up new hoses or the original style works for the power steering.
  13. J

    Accessory AND 'start' power source with Painless harness

    Chamba. In my FSM there is a 15A fuse block labeled IGN LPS 15A. It is hot in start and on. Wiring is for up shift switch/dash indicator, and goes to the EEC coord not sure if the rig is using any of this original stuff. If you are not going to wire in directly from the ignition switch sources...
  14. J

    What new steering box upgrades have you used recently?

    What type pitman arm is being used with this application? Just purchased a 98 TJ and originally was going to use the steering gear from that rig on the 8.
  15. J

    My Snoball project Code Name Gypsy

    Not sure I would trust the nutserts for the shackle hanger bracket if those are the nuts that spun. There are ways to finesse new bolts in if they are completely off. Skid plate sure.
  16. J

    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    Very nice. Can't wait to see it rolling. Where did you order the J truck steering gear from? Something I will be looking into. Axle U-bolts bent locally? Your build just persuaded me to center the 9 inch I am working on.
  17. J

    Meet Red, my 81 Restomod Build

    What type of hand brake will you use? I have been kicking the idea of a disk or drum brake setup off the transfer case as the emergency brake. Like the use of the nutsert. Very clean.
  18. J

    CJ8 Scrambled is now a garage pet

    Last pic really shows how the hanger fits to the plate. Originally I was going to leave the crease and V weld the crease and base plate. But as I looked at how it really fitted up the crease was not necessary, it would have bulked up the sides and make it more noticeable. Trimming it flush fit...
  19. J

    CJ8 Scrambled is now a garage pet

    So this is a continuation of making up front shackle hangers for a YJ leaf spring conversion that I have wanted to do for some time. I didn't buy a kit of someone else's hanger although I do like what is offered and they are an option. I started by ordering a used YJ front shackle mount for 10$...
  20. J

    CJ8 Scrambled is now a garage pet

    Thanks cb. Days are getting very nice. Outside work is the priority before the black flies start a swarming. My frame was loaded onto my pickup to be sent to the blaster for a final go over and it will receive an epoxy primer followed up with a flat chassis black. Be a week or two. He has a...