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  1. rispony

    Firewall Hole Measurements and Locations Needed

    Hey everyone! I have a large favor to ask as I'm a little stuck at the moment. I've searched everywhere and can't find concrete numbers regarding firewall holes. On my current build, the PO welded up almost every single hole in my firewall and I can no longer tell exactly where the holes were...
  2. rispony

    Picture of factory side steps on drivers underside

    Unfortunately the pictures and diagrams I've found online don't tell you the measurements correctly for the install of the factory side steps My question, is this notched cutout in the underside intended for the rearmost bolthole in the sidestep?
  3. rispony

    General Scrambler Questions

    Figured this would be a good place to compile some questions I had. Feel free to contribute. 1. Did all scramblers come with rocker trim moldings? 2. Did all Laredo models come with the "Laredo" glove box door decal? 3. Was it possible to get both clock/tach or get a clock only or a tach only...
  4. rispony

    Can Someone ID this part?

    Midway through my restoration and I found this part that was painted in the original Deep Night Blue but I have no idea where it came from. Thoughts?
  5. rispony

    Anyone running 16" or 17" rims? Pictures would help!

    In the midst of a full rebuild and need to get wheels and tires soon. I'm doing a 4.5" lift and going with 35" tires. I was planning on going with 15" wheels but after seeing this pic I'm no longer convinced. Too much sidewall for my tastes. Anyone have 16" or 17" wheels on 35's? Pictures would...
  6. rispony

    Parking in New York City. Only in a Jeep

    Especially during winter, finding a spot is impossible. Have a collection of these that I've taken this winter, here's my favorite!
  7. rispony

    Anyone is Seattle? Buying my dream car sight unseen...

    I've been looking for this car for 2.5 years and one finally came up in Puyallup, Wa. which is like 30 mins south of Seattle. I live in Manhattan, NY. I've already spoken extensively to the seller who seems like a very nice gentleman and now that we've agreed on a price, however my only way to...
  8. rispony

    Coolest Aftermarket CJ Mod I've seen to Date..Electronic Flip-up Windshield

    Stumbled upon an old article of a rebuilt scrambler on and noticied something strange in one of the pictures. The guy's windshield frame was in place and had a top mounted, but the windshield glass itself was folded upwards. Did a little research and found out it's by a company...
  9. rispony

    Might buy this Willys...recenty restored, rust free, running!

    What do you guys think? Looks like a steal! Plus it has a full sized spare!! :rotfl:
  10. rispony

    RispoNY's Scrambler Build Thread - The 'Kit' Scrambler w/ Postal Top (PIC HEAVY)

    Hey guys, I've decided to finally create a build thread on my 82 that I purchased this August from Texas. It's been in slightly in the works since then but now I'm fully underway so it was time to start chronicling the build! I'm relatively new to the whole Jeep game as I only purchased my first...
  11. rispony

    Any reason why this roof rack wouldn't work?

    I saw this Kargo Master Congo Cage on Qtec for a CJ7 at a good price and was thinking it would be great for the 8. It's a no drill application and is rated up to 500 pounds which is more than enough for what I had in mind. Plus, it has the two humps to clear my bestop supertop and one day, even...
  12. rispony

    Advice on an at home sand blasting setup?

    In the process of a rebuild. I still have to blast my frame and other large parts like my grill, fenders, axles, and underside of the tub. All the media blasters around me are asking to charge upwards of a grand and thats just for the frame so I'm pretty sure I'm gunna go the DIY route. I've got...
  13. rispony

    Help Choosing Original Paint: Calling all factory blue 8's!!

    My 81' daily driver was originally Montana blue but due to the severity of the surface rust/patina, I had it repainted in flat black. I recently got another 8 from 82 and am lookign to paint it a factory blue. The year does not need to match as long as it came on a scrambler, I'd be happy. I was...
  14. rispony

    Video: Overlander doing some serious off-roading/water fording - Australia

    I just remembered what it was that got me so obsessed with overlanders/postal tops two years ago. Finally found it. Here's a video of a guys off-road expedition, for a couple seconds he comes across an overlander doing some epic stuff. It's at the 13:50 minute mark. Enjoy! P.S. It can also be...
  15. rispony

    Rubicon Express vs. BDS Suspension: RE is unreliable?

    I don't know if any of you caught my thread of the eBay 8 that I picked up in Texas and drove back to NY, but now I finally started the build. If you missed it, i basically bought a 100% dismantled scrambler that I am now putting all back together, my way. (The PO gave up after sandblast and...
  16. rispony

    Tons of Overlander's for Venezuela

    Don't ask me how I found this site, but they're a Venezuelan based Jeep reseller and have a bunch of Overlanders for sale (World Cabs galore). Some of them have unique features like no front turn signals, unique badging, roof racks, and almost all of them feature troop seating. Although it's...
  17. rispony

    Flying to TX to pick up an 82...Collins Bros...Postal Top

    Title says most of it. Not sure if all of you saw that ebay listing for the 82 project scrambler but I jumped on it immediately. The link is at the bottom of this post. It was a restoration project that never got completed so it's ALL in parts. The tub was sandblasted and sprayed, the frame is...
  18. rispony

    Someone tried to steal my scrambler last night....while I was under it!

    AS I've stated in other posts, I live in Manhattan, New York. My scrambler is my daily driver and I park it on the street usually right outside my house. I live right off park avenue, which is residential neighborhood that is (supposedly) super safe. So last night I couldn't sleep. At home I...
  19. rispony

    Designing a new top.

    An idea popped into my head the other day to make a military style wagon-cover soft top for the scrambler. The idea would be to run the half-hard top on the front and then in the rear bed of the jeep I want to have it covered on all three sides. Before I elaboarte on the plan, here is a picture...
  20. rispony

    How to remove door panels?

    My passenger side window is near impossible roll up or down, taking two hands to budge. Once it gets rolling, it eases up but is a pain to start. Any info on how to remove the door panel so I can get a closer look on how to remedy the situation? Thanks!