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  1. jbeshears

    EFI on 4.2 from 95 4.0

    I am bidding on a wrecked 95 Jeep Cherokee for really cheap to take the parts off for adding fuel injection to my Scrambler. Can you use any other parts from the 4.0 on the 4.2? Would using the head be worth it off an engine with 190k miles? Can you use the ignition system? Any other parts...
  2. jbeshears

    YJ Power brake conversion on Scrambler

    I was curious if any of you had done the YJ Brake booster upgrade? My Scrambler right now has manual brakes and I am tired of them. I ordered a YJ Booster/Master Cylinder on ebay that comes with the bracket. The one part I am not sure about is what adapters I will need to hook my existing...
  3. jbeshears

    Thinking about adding a catalytic converter back to my jeep

    My 83 Scrambler with a 258, and it hasn't had a catalytic converter since I originally drove it in 95. I am trying to get it back on the road and thinking about putting a cat back on it to make it easier to pass inspection. Does anyone know a place in mid-Missouri that will pass a vehicle...
  4. jbeshears

    New member introduction, 1983 Jeep Scrambler

    I just got the Scrambler back that I drove for my senior year of high school and through college. It was used as a farm truck and not maintained well, but mechanically it is all there. It still runs and drives with the ignition switch bypassed as there is an issue with the ignition system...