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  1. Chipster1990

    Wide or Narrow track??

    Can y'all advise whether these are wide or narrow track axles? Owner says they are original to the 1984 Scrambler they are currently on. Front: Rear:
  2. Chipster1990

    Help!! Port Jervis, NY area.

    Would anyone on the forum be willing to look at a Scrambler for me in the Port Jervis, NY area? I'm trying to find another Scrambler to buy!! Please PM me ASAP if you can and are willing to look at a scrambler for me! Thanks, Chip
  3. Chipster1990

    What IS this?

    On CL in the Gadsden, AL area. Says it's a Cherokee but he doesn't know the year. Anyone know exactly what it is?
  4. Chipster1990

    T176/Dana 300/AMC 20/Dana 30 Fluids

    My scrambler has the stock drivetrain listed. I have no idea what type of fluids are in it now as I have not changed them since I bought the Jeep. Everything is operating well but my transmission is a little difficult to shift into 2nd when it's cold. I'm thinking about replacing ALL the...
  5. Chipster1990

    Am/fm/cb wiring

    I am trying to install a factory AMC radio/cb combination. I have the power wiring figured out, it's the speaker wiring that's giving me trouble. On the left side of the unit, where the power wires come out, there is also a green, white, and black wire. On the right side there is another...
  6. Chipster1990

    Who's good with Photoshop?

    Can anyone here photoshop a picture of the Xtremetops full hard top onto a photo of my scrambler? I really want to see how it changes the look before I buy one. If someone has a good right side view of the top to use, that would help. Thanks, Chip
  7. Chipster1990

    HELP!! Water temp sender!!

    Can someone please tell me and possibly show me with some photos where the stock location is for the water temp sensor/sending unit? Thanks, Chip
  8. Chipster1990

    Are these Extreme/Rally tops?

    Both of these CJ8's are currently on eBay. Can someone tell if they both have the full hardtop from Rally/ExtremeTops? Thanks, Chip
  9. Chipster1990

    Tachometer questions??

    The tach below is what was in my 1983 Scrambler when I purchased it in 2013. It has the 258 inline 6 but from what I have read, this tach is for the V8. (With the 5000 redline). Is that correct? How differently will this tach read as compared to the correct one (higher/lower rpms)? I believe...
  10. Chipster1990

    Factory A/C vs. Aftermarket

    OK... What's the consensus? Install a good factory A/C unit into my CJ8 or go with an aftermarket new version? My CJ8 is fairly original looking and has the original drivetrain, 4.2, T-176, Dana 300, blah blah blah... It has never had A/C. What do you experts think? Thanks, Chip
  11. Chipster1990

    YJ mirror relocation on CJ8

    I would like to put YJ mirrors on my CJ8. I want to "relocate" them and mount them to the windshield hinge. Does anyone know if the relocation brackets for the YJ mirrors will work with the CJ windshield brackets? Has anyone done this? Pics? Thanks, Chip
  12. Chipster1990

    Center Cap Photo

    Does anyone have some close up photos of original center caps? I'm trying to restore some and hoping to get a good look at the face of some originals. A close up of this would be awesome!! Thanks, Chip
  13. Chipster1990

    Drivetrain Identification

    I'm still really new to the Jeep CJ world so help me out here. I'm pretty sure my 1983 CJ8 has the stock drivetrain but I would like to confirm this. I think it's the T176 Dana300 combo but here are a few pictures. Could you also help me identify what front and rear axles I have? Thanks...
  14. Chipster1990

    Duraspark ignition and painless wiring harness HELP!

    I am currently trying to install a painless wiring harness into my 1983 CJ8. From what I can tell, everything is stock on the 258 engine. Here is my problem... When wiring the ignition things just don't look right, so I investigated a bit and have found a couple different wiring diagrams and I...
  15. Chipster1990


    Has anyone here installed the RallyTops CJ8 full length hard top? It seems they are the only company currently manufacturing them? If so, any opinions, quality, fitment, etc? Photos a plus!! Thanks Sent from my iPhone
  16. Chipster1990

    HESCO Fuel Injection

    I have been contemplating putting in a fuel injection system on my 258. Has anyone on here installed the HESCO 4.2L Fuel Injection Kit? HESCO is local here in Birmingham and I am going by there next week to let them take a look at my Scram and get some performance ideas. I was just wondering...
  17. Chipster1990

    Rock Hard rear Scrambler Cage

    Curious! Does anyone have a rock hard rear cage installed with a full hard top? Will it fit inside any of the hardtop brands? Any pictures would be awesome! Also, I don't really like the looks and functioning of my soft top for winter purposes. What do y'all suggest for brand of full length...
  18. Chipster1990

    Are these OEM?

    Can anyone tell me with confidence if these are OEM wheels? Sent from my iPhone
  19. Chipster1990

    Painless Wiring Harness 10110

    I'm thinking about installing a painless wiring harness into my 1983 CJ8. I was looking at the "pre-terminated" version, part number 10110. A couple of sellers of this part state that it is not compatible with the CJ-8 Scrambler. Any tips? Has anyone installed this model on their CJ8? Thanks...