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  1. mudbeast2

    Electric Cooling Fan

    Has anyone installed a electric cooling fan on their CJ8 with the 4.2L? If so what model fan are you using?
  2. mudbeast2

    Brown Scrambler Spotted!

    I was coming home from Georgia yesterday driving south on 75 in Gainsville, FL. I noticed the north bound traffic there was a looked to be restored Scrambler on a trailer. It was brown with the wood sides, hard top. I was wondering if it was a forum members rig. It looked like the brown one on...
  3. mudbeast2

    Defroster/ vent cables

    Hey guys, I need a little help. I didn't pay enough attention when I removed my dash. I have the 3 new cables for the air controls . Two are the same length, one is longer. Can anyone tell me there placement in the dash & on the air box? Thanks for the help.
  4. mudbeast2

    Mudbeast's '82 preservation project

    Back in August I found this '82 Scrambler on eBay. After watching & a little luck I won it for $6100. Of course its buyer beware, I was told it ran & was in better shape then it was. When it was delivered from Illinois, I had to pop start it & it barely ran. I was lucky to get it in the...
  5. mudbeast2

    '82 roll bar removal

    Hey guys, I need to remove my roll bar so I can do a spray in bed liner. I am having a problem removing the 16 bolts holding it in. I've all ready broke 2 T40 tips. Last shot will be using a impact rated socket. If that fails I will have to drill all the bolts out & re-tap. My question is what...
  6. mudbeast2

    Hey what's this?

    Hey guys, I'm starting to reassemble my 82'. I have this on my passenger fender well. Is this the blower relay?
  7. mudbeast2

    A little help

    Hey guys , I'm in the process of reassembling my Scrambler. I've seem to have lost one of my universal strap bolts. It has a 1/4" 12 point head on it & I can't seem to locate a replacement. Does anyone have one I can purchase from them?
  8. mudbeast2

    Iron Duke question

    Hey guys, I scored a 82 Scrambler in the beginning of the month. Seller stated it was a runner. I could barely keep it running from the transport to my garage. But after a new starter, tune up & new weber carb she runs great. I currently have the front clip off & motor pulled due to a horrible...
  9. mudbeast2

    New front clip

    I want to replace the front fenders, grill & hood. The previous owner took a grinder to them & its cheaper to buy new ones than paying for more body work. I'm looking at the Crown brand replacements. Has anyone used their products? Or is there a better brand to use? Thanks for the help.
  10. mudbeast2

    My 82 Scrambler

    Here is my 82 Scrambler I picked up last week. It wasn't running, but after a starter, tune up & carburetor the old Iron Duke purrs like a kitten. The jeep has 108K on it. It has had some frame repair in the rear but I plan on replacing the frame next year. But she's a runner for sure. I can't...
  11. mudbeast2

    CJ8 Shoulder Harness

    Hey guys, I just bought a 82 Scrambler. It only came with lap belts. Back in the 90's my buddy had a Scrambler with shoulder harnesses. The roll cage had a attachment point that went through the hard top & when you wanted to remove the 1/2 top you had to unbolt the shoulder bolt. Is there any...