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  1. DougCJ8

    Freak of nature...

    It's small, but would you eat it, toss it back, or donate it to an Aquarium?
  2. DougCJ8

    Curent pics, lets see em y'all!

    While my scrambler sits in the garage this Winter patiently awaiting my attention for a couple of projects, I was asked by Jims Chop Shop to post some current pics. The 8 went through a couple of minor changes this year, most notably the front fenders. Started out with YJ fenders running TJ...
  3. DougCJ8

    Have you seen one of these?

    This CJ-7 was at the Great American Jeep Rally in CT this past weekend. Driver said it was original with 30K miles. He bought it from the original owner, and hasn't changed anything. Laredo seats, full carpet, but no tach or clock. What you can't see in this pic is the graphic on the hood, some...
  4. DougCJ8

    Clutch MC question

    Second clutch master has gone bad in my Scrambler is 2 years. (leaking from the firewall side into the cab) Both were bought at the local Napa. Is there a better brand I should be looking for?
  5. DougCJ8

    NV4500... To upgrade or not? That is the question.

    I've done 2 of these swaps, both Scramblers had 1" body lifts, and both used the original skid, both were autos (more on the current one in a minute) The first one went fairly smooth, I didn't clock the 300, and I had to lower the skid 1". I had to shorten the rear DS and lengthen the front as...
  6. DougCJ8

    New Off Road Park in NE PA

    Found this on Pirate... Link to thread...
  7. DougCJ8

    Extreme 4X4, Spet 22

    Did anyone see the Scrambler in the begining of the show? It was mine, back when it was owned by KohlDad. Pretty cool.
  8. DougCJ8

    Pics from Rausch Creek...

    Last week, Wednesday -Sunday.
  9. DougCJ8

    Playing on a ramp...

    36" Iroks, clearence comes via YJ fenders on the front with TJ flares all around. Checking tire clearence... Rear is fine. Front is real close.
  10. DougCJ8

    TJ flares are on...

    YJ fenders, a little nip/tuck in the rear and 7" TJ flares. Plenty of room for the 36s now.
  11. DougCJ8

    TJ flares

    I've done a search and found some old threads covering this topic. Wondering though, has anyone installed TJ flares recently? I have questions... For the rear install, the inner fender on the 8 is smaller than a 7. How is this solved? (trim bottom of flare?) For the front, best way to have...
  12. DougCJ8

    Hyd clutch bleeding

    So we pulled the auto trans out of the Scrambler and installed an NV4500. Using a hydraulic clutch setup with an external slave. We're having some trouble bleeding the hydraulic clutch. Can anyone tell me the proper procedure for doing this. Should the piston in the slave be pushed all the way...
  13. DougCJ8

    Brake light issue

    No brake lights after R&R steering column. Power going into the switch, power coming out of the switch when pedal is depressed. There are two wires going into the switch and two wires coming out, the extra wires end at a brown connector, not connected to anything. Not sure if I disconnected...
  14. DougCJ8

    Very warm

    We have had a cold and wet spring this year so today was the first nice day (85 and sunny) I've had the Jeep out. Around town no warmer than 195, out on the highway...almost 210. Here's what I've done as far as the cooling system: Radiator has been boiled clean. 185 T-stat. Electric fans set...
  15. DougCJ8

    Stop light switch

    Need to replace brake light switch in my 8. Can barely touch it let alone see it. :banghead: Any suggestions on the easiest way to replace it?
  16. DougCJ8

    Need exact location for...

    the factory spare tire stop. Measuring from the bottom edge of the tub to the lower attachment bolts. Thank you.
  17. DougCJ8

    Maiden trail run,

    First run with the Scrambler... Friends have 100+ acres in NH with a bunch iof trails cut.
  18. DougCJ8

    Twin stick

    Anyone know the shift pattern on a dana 300 with a twin stick?
  19. DougCJ8

    Cage and dash are done!!

    Custom dash by AutoMeter gauges, custom switches, added intermittent wipers, and a Tuffy glove box. Relocated the glove box to clear the cage, basically swapping positions of the RH speaker with the glovebox. A friend and I then modded the cage...