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  1. ScramblerTN

    Need seatbelt mounting help

    I'm trying to mount new seat belts in the scrambler and cannot remember how the 3 point harness mounts. Obviously one end mounts to the rollbar, the "retractor" end mounts to the inside wall of the tub behind the seats but I cannot remember where the 3rd end mounts. I looked on my cj7 and it has...
  2. ScramblerTN

    Clutch linkage issues

    Finishing up the last bit of final touches on the scrambler and I'm having a hard time with the clutch. There was a new clutch and throwout bearing installed before engine was dropped back in. I've got the linkage backed all the way out and still cannot get it into gear while running. I can get...
  3. ScramblerTN

    Anyone running Bds 2.5" lift ?

    Hey guys. I pulled my jeep out of the shop today for the first time since the body was assembled. I installed the bds 4" lift and running 33x10.5 bfg at's. My shackles are supposed to be .5" of lift. The jeep looks like it was way too much lift for the tires. I don't want to go any larger on the...
  4. ScramblerTN

    Need some wiring help with wiper switch

    I've discovered that my wiring to my switch isn't working on the new painless harness. I BELIEVE it's because I have an intermittent wiper switch. The painless kit came with a new pigtail to plug into the switch but you have to reuse the factory plug. Well that's what I did but now I'm missing...
  5. ScramblerTN

    In search of a 4.2 dipstick tube

    My dipstick tube broke off flush with the block. I need to find a new tube...don't really need the actual dipstick. If anyone has a spare laying around please PM me and let me know. Thanks!
  6. ScramblerTN

    One piece axle shaft questions

    So I've got the axles about of the jeep and going through them top top to bottom replacing every wear items and also blasting and painting of course. I figured I'd go ahead and tackle the one piece axles on the 20 while its out of the jeep. There are several "kits" out there to choose from. Just...
  7. ScramblerTN

    Fuel tank/ venting question

    I'm to the point now in my build that I'm doing some work with the fuel tank. It's got a 15 ( I believe ) Polly tank. I'm going to clean the tank, replace sending unit and all fuel lines. The PO pretty much deleted the fuel emissions. The canister on the drivers inside fender is still there but...
  8. ScramblerTN

    First scrambler build!

    Hey guys. New to the site and glad to have a resource like this for info on the scrambler. I bought first scrambler last October and am in the process of a full restoration. I don't know what I've got myself into!! The jeep is a 83 model and actually in very good shape compared to others I...