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  1. manicman1

    Steering Issues

    Hi once again my fellow Jeepiers it has been awhile since I was last on the forum...I had gotten very disappointed and walked way from my Project it started with a bad engine overhaul by a shop back in North Carolina...5 years ago they took in my 258 and when it was put back in the jeep it had...
  2. manicman1

    Motorcraft 2150

    Ok my friends Has any of you installed the motorcraft 2150 with an HEI Distro? and has it running successfully I would much appreciate pictures and or diagrams of your set up...all of the vacuum lines info on the rpm and timing settings you ended up with I installed it today and have it...
  3. manicman1

    Alright Which one of you beat me???

    on this Tonneau cover....I know it had to be one of you :banghead:
  4. manicman1

    Radiator and Fan Question

    OK all you gear wrenching guru's...I have an issue inline 6 258 I put the serpentine belt and pulleys with reverse rotation water pump on in order to add the AC compressor that I bought and am running a new Aluminum radiator but the fan does not have the proper clearance...the old fan would...
  5. manicman1

    Jack mount

    Ok...who has a picture of where the original jack mount attaches ??? Please
  6. manicman1

    Door Panel Paint

    Guy's I am painting my door panels and dash pad and have an issue Anyone know of a fabric plastic paint or Stain that closely matches the Spice color...the spice has a reddish hue to it.... The camel color is way off and I would like to get things as close as I can in coloration Thank you
  7. manicman1

    Underdash A/C Questions

    Ok guys I bought a Used under dash AC unit...needs to be cleaned up and painted here is my questions...the parts that go in front of the radiator...the fins are bent...the unit looks old and the hoses are old Any of you that replaced these or bought just the under the dash unit and had to...
  8. manicman1

    Seat Belt Bumpers

    Ok guys the seat belt bumpers or Spacers between the hard cab and the roll bar connection point mine appear to be so worn they fell apart where can I get a pair of these or what have some of you done to make something else work thanks
  9. manicman1

    AC Drier Question

    Question for all you guys that have bought a used AC system and installed it into your Scrambler if you have no idea what Year Jeep it came from and you replaced your air did you know which one to order...I see several on ebay for a great price but they appear to be for specific...
  10. manicman1

    Help fuel and Brake lines

    Guy's I am doing a frame off restoration and the last thing I need is the steel fuel and brake lines that run along the frame... any suggestions on where to get these items and what the cost would be? I tried baseline 4x4 but they said they did not have them for a scrambler :-(
  11. manicman1

    Bolt kit

    Hi guy's Awhile ago in one of the post I saw someone give a site address to a company that sold a complete Scrambler bolt kit in stainless as well as another option...I thought I saved the link but can not find it was a very complete kit...any one know the url? thanks
  12. manicman1

    Lost emails

    Hey guy's I hate to do this in the forum but I had contact with the owner of this beautiful Scrambler out of the Dallas area awhile back and he shared the color of the Scrambler shown in the link and for the life of me I can't find the emails or forum PM's from him :banghead: If he is reading...
  13. manicman1

    Bikini Top Suggestions and Opinions

    Ok my friends As we all know it is getting very nice out and my Scrambler is getting very close to being a daily driver If you recall my very first post when I joined the Forum I spoke about the 81 I had when I was in the Navy and drove around with the doors off and soft top off with the wind...
  14. manicman1

    Motor Mounts

    Ok guy's next question to replace the motor and transmission it as simple place floor jack under engine and unbolting the three mounts and jacking the engine up high enough to pull them out and replace all three (motor and transmission) then lower and re-secure?
  15. manicman1

    Driven for the first time today

    My Fellow Scrambler Owners It's been a little over a month since I bought my Scrambler that had sat since 2002 I just wanted to give you all an between road trips for work I have managed to replace the fuel pump., the starter and the solenoid ,battery, fuel lines the fuel sending...
  16. manicman1

    Brake Question

    I didn't see a brake section so I hope this is the right topic section I have manual brakes and wanted to know if I wanted to change it to power brakes is it as simple as replacing the Master Cylinder with a power booster Master cylinder or is there a whole lot more to it? thanks my friends
  17. manicman1

    Engine Shipping

    Have any of you bought a motor from another state and had it shipped? if so I would like suggestions on the transport options (who do you recommend) and rough cost associated for a mid country to east coast move
  18. manicman1

    Temp Fuel delivery question

    Ok new question.. I have replaced a few of the start system components and just now tried the key switch...the engine started with the little bit of carb cleaner I had sprayed but with my gas tank down and disconnected being cleaned and readied for the sending unit to be replaced is there a...
  19. manicman1

    Fuel Tank Cleaning

    Ok all you pioneers that have blazed the way My gas tank has had gas sitting in it for 8 years...I have drained about 15 gal from looked like varnish and the gas smell was not as foul as it would be if it were fresh gas....I was told they ordered the larger tank when they bought the...
  20. manicman1

    Body Color

    Can someone tell me what color my new Scrambler is? it is a 1982 thank you all