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  1. cdvcj8

    Rock Junction?

    If you I go, I highly recommend hitting the Colorado National Monument. We did it with my sons this year. I'd never heard of it, but it's awesome. It's like a mini Grand Canyon that you can see accross.
  2. cdvcj8

    MDJuan CJ8 delivered

    @Belizeit that part works great and @designerRob I know, but when every click hurts it puts a damper on your enthusiasm :cry: OP, I will follow you on Insta, but I also hope you keep posting here with updates on how the tub worked out. This forum has been a great resource and you definitely...
  3. cdvcj8

    MDJuan CJ8 delivered

    We used to have Tapatalk which worked okay, but had to be retired for understandable reasons. It works great for how it's configured. I guess I'm in the minority, but it drives me crazy that there is no dedicated "New Posts" button that is directly accessible at the top and bottom. As a...
  4. cdvcj8

    LED dash lights

    Here is a thread that discussed this before. Thanks to DirtyB: I did this and it worked great! (y)
  5. cdvcj8

    Gr8Dain's 4.0/aw4 swap from a 97 XJ

    Although I've never done it, my suggestion still seems a lot easier. Put the 4.2 intake on the 4.0. It seems like it just requires a little grinding and a little header massage. That way you keep the Holley and your current transmission. You could do that in a day (or two). There are many...
  6. cdvcj8

    What's on your Work Bench?

    They do look nice. I'm going to have to put some work into mine as well. Just checking in case prevailing wisdom has changed. My Google searches say that rechromers won't touch these. No ones found a chrome shop that can rechrome them have they?
  7. cdvcj8

    Smokey the Bear Commercial w/ Scrambler

    Looks like a nice one!
  8. cdvcj8

    Engine Swap Old 4.2 Liter with a Newer 4.0 Liter

    I’ve been looking at swaps/upgrades myself. Couldn’t you use the 4.2 intake manifold on the 4.0 motor and keep the Holley?? Shouldn’t have many wiring headaches.
  9. cdvcj8

    How many states have you driven your -8 to/through?

    Well PA and WV aren't much of a stretch :LOL:
  10. cdvcj8

    13 bad ignition modules

    Why don't you help him upgrade and go HEI: or Team Rush: I know it's a cost, but time is money too :unsure:
  11. cdvcj8

    The beginning.. the end.... and a fresh start

    Time for a mini-split. With your skills you could easily install it yourself. If I was in Florida I would have to have one. Considering getting one for the garage here in Maryland...
  12. cdvcj8

    In Cab Roll Cage

    Heard good things about the Rockhard. If you do decide to fab, these guys aren't too far from you (and me): They did a cage for a member a few years back I believe.
  13. cdvcj8


    I haven't used them, but I've heard good things about Double-D:
  14. cdvcj8

    What is this 3 prong plug for in heater duct assembly behind glove box?

    X2. My money is always on the ground being the problem. I went to the school of JeepHammer and run dedicated grounds everywhere I can including to the blower motor.
  15. cdvcj8

    JW Speaker LED headlight install

    Congrats! I'm sure they work great. I'm starting to come around to the black bezel with your white jeep with black trim. With my black Jeep I might be able to get used to the Chrome...
  16. cdvcj8

    Shotgun Rider Thread

    She's going to be driving it before you know it. Great picture! I love to see the dogs and the kids of course, but you're right there don't seem to be nearly as many pictures of wives :unsure:
  17. cdvcj8

    Shotgun Rider Thread

    Great picture!!
  18. cdvcj8

    Intake port not plugged?

    Thanks that pointed me in the right direction. Mine has a thread already and I found another discussion that said an oil drain plug of size M22-1.50, HEAD SIZE 19MM from a Dodge truck would work. I'm going to try this:
  19. cdvcj8

    Shotgun Rider Thread

    Just working on the Jeep and catching up on the forum after a few months pretty much away. My wife had dual knee replacements 9 weeks ago. She was a trooper and insisted on getting into the Jeep for a ride at 4 weeks. She does love the Scrambler :thumbsup:
  20. cdvcj8

    Intake port not plugged?

    My son asked why the Jeep was suddenly making so much noise. Upon investigation the exhaust pipe had split at the flange for the exhaust manifold. I got a replacement pipe and am going to hack it in temporarily (considering an engine swap, but that's another story). When I got some light on...