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  1. AdamH

    Factory A/C idler pulley assembly

    I'm fairly sure I have all the parts (alt bracket, pulley, spacers, etc..) since it was a complete engine when torn down but I think I am missing a spacer or something for the idler pulley used on factory A/C set-ups. If I am missing something from the pic below I'm sure it is in a plastic bin...
  2. AdamH

    '84 Postal - Do What?!?

    Another personal build of mine that I have started making ground on is the '84 Postal I also picked up from a member here. I'll never forget the drive back from Cincy when I stopped at a remote gas station in the mountains of NC. Had a couple guys walk over to take a look at what I had on the...
  3. AdamH

    The '83 - Family Man

    I'm back - well I haven't been gone but have been very busy at the shop building customer's dreams so my personal vehicles have sat idle some-what. I have read lots on here just not been very active in posting. Things are gonna change …. Quick re-cap - I sold the one I said I'd never sell...
  4. AdamH

    body panel replacements

    While my Postal is not on the front burner I always like to prepare. I have been looking to purchase the replacement panels I need and have run into an issue. I have seen Classic Enterprises panels in person and love the quality. My plan was to buy everything from them. The issue I have is...
  5. AdamH

    Eating crow for supper

    There. I said it. I was wrong. In the past I have said that a Jeep to me is one you always have the top off. Therefore as cool as Postals and Overlanders are, I’d never own one. Then @Jambo has to come along and post one for sale and I realize it’s less than 8 hours away. Heck I drove 13 hrs...
  6. AdamH

    ECU question

    On a 84 CJ7 In the other builds section I have a thread on my Renegade I’m restoring back to almost stock. I have a slight twist to the ECU deletion mod that so many of us do. In the extreme off chance that I or a future owner would want to go back 100% stock I’d like to keep all wiring...
  7. AdamH

    Master cylinder bore size

    Going to upgrade my brake booster/master cylinder set-up with a Master Power Brakes unit. They have two option on bore size - either 1” or 1 1/8”. Which should I go with? Everything else on my ‘81 is new however stock replacements
  8. AdamH

    '84 CJ7 Renegade - frame off build

    Purchased this on 3/10/18. Figured I'd start a thread and catch up to today. Neighbor two doors down got it in 1990 from original owner as his 16th birthday present. Parked it in 2001 when the trans let go. Aside from a quarter size hole in drivers floor it's solid. some surface rust you can...
  9. AdamH

    Poly tank removal help needed

    I swear there was a thread on this awhile back but I can't seem to find it. tearing down the '84 CJ7 and pulled the tank out today - skid plate and all. This is the factory 20 gallon poly tank. For the life of me I can't get the actual tank out of the skid plate. I've let it soak in water to...
  10. AdamH

    Power steering box for 35s

    its time to replace the original steering box on my Scrambler. I searched and read through various threads and still didn't get a firm understanding of everyone's experiences. Seems that AGR isn't worth the money so would a Crown unit work? Also noticed folks using Durango or H1 boxes if they...
  11. AdamH

    Nutmeg paint match for hardtop

    In the process of restoring my CJ7 and my painter was able to match the Cinnamon Metallic paint fairly easily. Now it's time for the hardtop. Has anyone successfully matched the paint found on the nutmeg hardtops and can share a paint code or something?
  12. AdamH

    Factory rear swing out tire carrier - spring needed

    Working on the restoration of the CJ7 Renegade and the rear latch for the tire carrier is missing the spring. Is there a standard replacement for it that anyone is aware of?
  13. AdamH

    sourcing factory paint match

    I swear I saw a thread about this a year ago or so but can't seem to find it. Does anyone know of a source to get factory code paint for a restoration?
  14. AdamH

    cleaning original interior how-tos

    Starting work on my newly acquired 1984 CJ7 Renegade and wanted to get a start on the interior. Lots of mold / dirt from sitting for almost 17 years. I am wanting to save the rear seat, door panels and dash. Front seats are long gone. I've attacked them with some basic ArmorAll interior...
  15. AdamH

    Kayline half top frame pics

    Would anyone with a Kayline half top be willing to take pics of the frame without the canvas attached? Would love to see all angles as well as attachment points so I can see if I am missing any parts. Thanks!
  16. AdamH

    Kayline half top hardware

    Hoping someone has pics of what is needed to mount a Kayline half top and soft doors. I've posted in the want adds as well with pics of what I have What I have is in near perfect shape (top and doors) but I don't have mounting hardware. The top also has no snaps - its all Velcro attachment...
  17. AdamH

    bought back my infamous JKU Rubicon last week

    Take a trip with me - back to 2007 when the JKU was first introduced and a young lad HAD to have one. The closest dealership that had a JKU Rubicon one was down in Atlanta, Georgia (4 hours away). I did the deal over the phone and drove down and bought it. Here is a pic a week later at...
  18. AdamH

    The Land Yacht

    As mentioned in another post, I sold my '82 Scrambler to a buddy (rubcult) before I really started on it. My wife and I wanted something different to add to the collection. Well, I found that something different. 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible. It's a complete car that runs and drives...
  19. AdamH

    Advice needed - '71 Jeepster

    I have had an itch for a 66-71 Jeepster but never really looked for one. This one has come up for sale near me. I have no idea what these things sell for so before I throw out a $ to him, I'd like some opinions since a few of you have or have had one. I do like that it "seems" to be fairly...
  20. AdamH

    Factory fogs - need wiring help please

    Fog lights - I have the original lights and the switch that attaches to the dash. That's it. the relay/fuse/whatever isn't there. What size relay/fuse was used? I will need to build the harness from the switch to the lights themselves. I do have the plug still attached to the back of the switch...