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  1. wjtstudios

    My 85' Restoration

    After years of planning, dreaming and saving the restoration and build of my Scrambler started today. My CJ-8 was the first car I bought when I was 19 and have been lucky enough to hold onto it. In 1997, I had wanted a Jeep CJ and preferably a scrambler since I was a little kid and...
  2. wjtstudios

    AMC 360 Build

    I'm considering going down the rabbit hole of swapping a 360 in to my 8 from a wagoneer. I have a line on a good engine from a friend that was going to put it in his 7 but decided to keep his 304. As I get into this I need to know what to plan for. I have a guy lined up that will rebuild the...
  3. wjtstudios


    Hey all, I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Bill Thomas and I live in Rochester, Mi. I bought my CJ-8 Laredo in 1996. It was my first jeep and first vehicle that I had bought. Even as a little kid, I had always wanted a Scrambler and when I started working full time at 18 it was...