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  1. CJeep

    What's the opposite of a Jeep graveyard?

    Well, maybe a museum, or a few of your driveways . . . But, there is also this. While I do about 90% of the work on my Scrambler myself, I do have occasion to bring it to Bill at SVE Performance in New Haven, CT. I can't say enough good things about him. He only works on Jeeps, and anything...
  2. CJeep

    Not a Scrambler, but almost

    So, I live in Connecticut, and a lot of New Yorkers have come up here lately, for some obvious reasons. :censored: So, a few streets from me is a smaller house that I used to see a G-wagon with NY plates on, only ever on the weekends. Obviously lots of money going on there. But since this all...
  3. CJeep

    My new lift!

    So, After much research, too much time on my hands, still working and getting paid :bacon:, a 48-year old body, and refusing to actually look at my 401k, this happened: I'm pretty psyched. Had to do a jackshaft door opener, but as you can see, my garage has crazy high ceilings. So, yea...
  4. CJeep

    Semi-Custom bed mat

    So, after restoring my bed to factory, I knew I wanted some kind of protection. One day, in the distant future, when the body is all done, I may do Raptor or other bed liner, but in reality, for now anyway, I wanted a bed mat. I wanted strong rubber, but it had to have holes for drainage. I...
  5. CJeep

    Great American Jeep Rally - CT 9/14/19

    This has grown to be a pretty big event. I remember going to the first one back in 2001.
  6. CJeep

    Sighting in San Francisco

    Not too far from the tourist pier. Def in the Northern part of SF. Looked to be Copper. Didn't want to trespass, so far pic. Anyone . . . ?
  7. CJeep

    Not a Scrambler . . . not technically a Jeep, but a new pony in the barn

    Picked this up today "for the kids" of course. My 8-year old is the size of a 10-year old, and can not even fit in his Jeep Hurricane anymore. After checking out karts for months, I knew this one model, and none else, what what I wanted. Here's why - 60% - it's a Jeep - no other thing you...
  8. CJeep

    Help me ID this mini Scrambler?

    So, I was at a place for work, and spied this. I think I've seen them before on the internet, but I can't be sure. I have every intention of calling the shop owner and trying to buy it. (it's several hours away from me). But I need some idea of it's worth. Looks a but hacked up, but...
  9. CJeep

    MY registration was up, so . . .

    . . . I decided to spruce her up a bit. Some pride, although it only has to be 20 years old in CT. This will actually save me a good bit of money every year, as this plate means my vehicle will be automatically assessed and taxed at a value of $500. - last year it was assessed at $2,800.
  10. CJeep

    Kick'n it Old School (new wheels & tires)

    Well, Seems like Toyo got back to it after the tsunami, so I finally got to replace my BFG ATs, that were manufactured - get this - in 1997. Sad, but for all of the dry rot, these things have like 95% of the tread left. Here's a hint: I decided I wanted skinnier tires, but not 34X9.50...
  11. CJeep

    Scrambler sighting . . . on the showroom floor

    Ok, after an hour trying to coax an O2 sensor from my buddy's '04 Rubi (big fail for me, but my god, there's no way to get any leverage!), he brought it to the dealer, and called me when he saw this on the showroom floor. Story is, sold new in 1981 from this dealership, and the owner...
  12. CJeep

    How I secured the front of my hardtop

    That time of year, to deposit the hardtop on the Scrambler - mostly to save wear and tear on the half soft top (I hope that company starts making them soon). I got real tired of trying to wrastle my hardtop onto my new windshield. Did it last year, took forever to line up the holes, that...
  13. CJeep

    I can't be the only one . . .

    . . . who really wants this! :crazy:
  14. CJeep

    Speaking of shirts . . . latest non-vehicle Jeep project

    Some background. I get to dress pretty much any way I like for work. In the warm months, I prefer to wear work shirts mostly. It goes like this: I buy a $17 Red Kap or whatever work shirt, a $5 Jeep patch, pay like $8 to have it machine sewn, and bingo, I have my favorite kind of shirt, it's...
  15. CJeep

    OT: Powerwheels Headlights

    Well, I did this a while ago, but just snapped a pic in the garage. I ended up using some LEDs that I think were marketed as curtousy lights. Real cheap. Luckily, the fake headlight in the Hurricane was shaped like a real reflector, and throws some light. I used two 6v lantern batteries in...
  16. CJeep

    Sheep in a Jeep (Scrambler) book parade

    Minds out of the gutter, please. So, I guess that semi-famous book, Sheep in a Jeep, was the subject of my son's preschool book parade. Likely suggested by my wife since, well, I have a Jeep. I played an mp3 of sheep bleating non-stop during the route. The kids had fun. Note that the...
  17. CJeep

    My cage is done!

    Please forgive the link to a JF thread I made, but I uploaded all of the pics to JF, and you can not remote link any more, but I'd really like your guys (and gals) feedback, so take a look if you like. Damn I'm happy to have her...
  18. CJeep

    Not a barn find, but a closet find anyway

    Ok, so this one is a little odd for me. This was found in my grandmother's home after she passed about a year ago (while it does make me sad, she lived, in perfect health until a massive stroke, for 97 years). This clearly has never been worn, and it has no tags. I guess it could be...
  19. CJeep

    Multiple Scrambler sightings PA and CT

    First off, my father-in-law emailed me that he saw a very red Scrambler in the Mountville / Lancaster PA area earlier this week. Anyone here own it? Then, walking back into my work building today, (12/17/09), I saw a OD green Scrambler with I think flat fenders, cruise by the federal building...
  20. CJeep

    My work life just got 10x better . . . (new ride in the stable)

    Well, some history here. I have a work car for my job. We are hard on vehicles. Mostly, they are rental-grade in terms of options, cheaper is better, etc. From '01 to '06 I rolled a '99 Buick Century. From '06 to Aug '09 I had an '04 Chevy Impala (at least it was a 3800 engine) From Aug...