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  1. wjtstudios

    My 85' Restoration

    Yeah, before we even begun removing the paint, we knew that it cracked there. Can you shoot me a couple pictures of the reinforcement that you added into it? Thanks for the heads up!
  2. wjtstudios

    My 85' Restoration

    Got it. Thank you!
  3. wjtstudios

    My 85' Restoration

    Sometime in July I should be ready to post up for sale the original rolling chassis minus the Tcase and wheels and tires. Other than a leaky valve cover, the motor ran great and the frame is in good shape. I really have no idea if it’s better to sell it as a whole or part it out.
  4. wjtstudios

    My 85' Restoration

    The tub has a few bad rust spots and should be coming off the frame in June some time. It will get walnut blasted, that will really show what we are working with. Hopefully they will just be the couple of small repairs that we have found so far.
  5. wjtstudios

    My 85' Restoration

    The fusion axles, psc steering, gentech gas tank, Alcan springs and a bunch of other parts are in. We should be able to set up a rolling chassis in the next couple of weeks.
  6. wjtstudios

    My 85' Restoration

    I need to do a better job updating this thread. We are making progress, slowly. Most of the body panels with exception on the tub have been removed, dipped, and epoxy primed. They have all been in surprisingly good shape.
  7. wjtstudios

    My 85' Restoration

    Thank you! I will post up pictures every step of the way. I'm sure I'll have a million questions as we go thru this process.
  8. wjtstudios

    My 85' Restoration

    After years of planning, dreaming and saving the restoration and build of my Scrambler started today. My CJ-8 was the first car I bought when I was 19 and have been lucky enough to hold onto it. In 1997, I had wanted a Jeep CJ and preferably a scrambler since I was a little kid and...
  9. wjtstudios


    Erik Miller in the Gladiator has been doing great in the Stock class today. As high as third place in his class, last time they listed him. He's in the rocks now. It's amazing how well that long wheel base is working in there.
  10. wjtstudios

    cj 8 frame repair

    I may in a few months. My restoration on my 8 is slowly beginning. The frame is in good condition, but the direction that the build has taken me, I have ordered and will be receiving a new TDK frame in the next couple of weeks. The old frame won't be ready for sale until March or April once...
  11. wjtstudios

    Hemi Scrambler build

    Insane! Massive power and I love the blue. I can't believe how fast this thing is coming together!
  12. wjtstudios

    JKU lift kits

    I completely agree with supporting Michigan companies, But I would personally recommend EVO, their kits start at 3". Made in the USA and extremely high quality, that's what's under my JKU now. I have run AEV, they built my JKU originally, and was happy with theirs. I have heard that BDS runs a...
  13. wjtstudios

    '84 CJ7 Renegade - frame off build

    Jerry did another great job on that block. Everything is extremely clean!
  14. wjtstudios

    Some Upgrades Coming

    Awesome build! It's great to see that you wheel it regularly!
  15. wjtstudios

    Painting my half cab

    Thank you. I was looking for the black color #.
  16. wjtstudios

    Painting my half cab

    Is there an actual paint color and sheen that the factory spec'd?
  17. wjtstudios

    Jeep Special Equipment Warn 8274 Owner's Manual Scan PDF

    Added to the file. Thanks for posting it up
  18. wjtstudios

    '84 CJ7 Renegade - frame off build

    That is a great lift system for your garage! Man, you have a collection. Is that a Genrite cage on your JK? Nice build there too!
  19. wjtstudios

    AMC401 or LS

    I haven't driven either so I can't help you much there. My conversations with Jerry over the last week and a half have lead me to a moderately built 360, which he is supplying the block, for around $4,800-5,400. But we are still getting the specs put together for the build. But that was the...