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  1. Spieg

    Emblem mounting tape

    Anyone recommend a good tape to mount the CJ-8 and Scrambler emblems to the body? The aftermarket emblems I've seen (Omix-Ada) use a gray colored double sided tape, but I am not having any luck finding anything in a width enough to cover the entire surface.
  2. Spieg


    Nice looking Postal at the Alaska Transportation Museum (from Ultimate Adventure 2019).
  3. Spieg

    Rock Junction?

    Anyone ever been to or heard about this event?
  4. Spieg

    Does Poison Spyder ever have sales/deals?

    Many manufacturers offer discounts occasionally. Wondering if anyone knows if PS does as well? Their checkout page has a place to enter a coupon code (which got me wondering if it would be worth it to wait for a while before ordering).
  5. Spieg

    Brake Light Switch Wiring

    I'm in process of replacing that #?&*! switch again. Does anyone know where exactly the 2 wires go to/from the switch? I imagine one may feed direct from the fuse block (Clock/Haz/Stop fuse), and the other may go direct to the multi function switch (turn signal) connector, but would like to...
  6. Spieg

    Jeep JL recall

    Sounds like a problem with some frame welds is affecting some JLs. Video looks pretty bad.
  7. Spieg

    Timken bearing retailers?

    Does anyone know of a LPS chain that sells Timken brand bearings? I need Set45 and Set47 bearings for front wheel hub assembly and can't seem to find a local supplier. Last time I needed them I found some at Auto Zone, but it seems they no longer carry the brand. Is mail order really my only...
  8. Spieg

    Non Polarity LED light... anybody used them?

    One of the hassles with changing to LED lighting can be polarity conflicts (especially if someone has been creative with the wiring). I've seen some "non-polarity" LEDs for sale but don't know what to think about them. Not sure if they use some polarity sensing/switching component built into...
  9. Spieg

    Warn Zeon stick in neutral

    Anyone had this happen or know of a fix? Yesterday I went to use my winch... first I moved the lever to free-spool and pulled out the line I needed to hookup. Then I moved the lever back to engage. Everything seemed normal except when I power the motor, I can hear it turning and the drum does...
  10. Spieg

    Any concerns with buying a Jeep that was towed behind an RV?

    I'm looking at a Jeep that seems like a pretty good deal. The owner says some of the mileage was behind an RV on vacations. It seems pretty sound from my quick inspection. Looks all stock... even the rear axle is standard equipment (no full floater). I don't know if there is anything special...
  11. Spieg

    How deep is a factory 20 gal tank?

    I'm ordering a non-stock fuel sender and need to know how deep the factory 20g tank is inside. Anyone have a tank handy that can stick a tape-measure down the sending unit hole to get a measurement of the inside from top to the bottom? Thanks
  12. Spieg

    More than you ever wanted to know about u-joints

    A very informative series of videos;
  13. Spieg

    Which vent valve for 20 Gal tank?

    I've read a few threads on the subject but nothing comparing the different options. I want (need) to replace the stock vent valves and seals in my stock 20 gallon poly tank. Here is what I've found for replacements; MOPAR - J5360058 (Valve $24) Dorman - 911-060 (Valve $17) Ford -...
  14. Spieg

    Winch Switch (dash mount)- Suggestions?

    Thinking of wiring in a control switch at my console. Any suggestions on what works well (momentary or non-momentary switch, etc...)? I'm thinking of a Carling style like this;
  15. Spieg

    T/C ID?

    Can anyone tell if this is a short shaft D300?
  16. Spieg

    -6 AN fuel lines and fittings

    I'm thinking about converting all the flex lines in my fuel delivery system. Anyone got pros v cons? I'm thinking of getting these to connect to the hard lines And these to connect to the braided hose And these to connect to the engine fuel rail I've also considered using a NPT standard...
  17. Spieg

    M274 Mule - Not a Jeep, but how cool is this?

    Kinda like an old school ATV... I want one (even though I don't know what I'd do with it).
  18. Spieg

    D30 carrier ID

    Anyone recognize what kind of carrier this is (seller says it's a locker, but not sure what kind)?
  19. Spieg

    Lower Engine Mount Question

    So, long story made short... I need to replace the lower engine mount on the passenger side. Problem is I'm not certain if it's the stock part or not (mount was welded to frame as part of an engine swap). I think we may have reused the stock 6cyl mount, but it may or may not be on the correct...
  20. Spieg

    Body mount question(s)

    Both of my front tub mounts (just below/behind the firewall) are hosed. I need to make some repair but don't know how the captive nut is held in place to that toe plate. Anyone have good pics of how that nut is attached? One of the bolts keeps backing out over time and I think I need to...