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    "Little Black Jeep" - 98 TJ

    I always did like that LJ. I must have misunderstood the post. I thought maybe you got rid of it. Glad you didn't.
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    "Little Black Jeep" - 98 TJ

    What did you do with the LJ?
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    Times They Are A Changin'

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    ‘98 XJ Brake Issues

    The rear shoe of the set can only go on one way because of the park break leaver and the self adjuster. I even swapped the front shoe from left to right and same results.
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    ‘98 XJ Brake Issues

    Old drums do the same thing. I marked the inside of drums with a sharpie, even in the groove where the backing plate is, and nothing is touching.
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    ‘98 XJ Brake Issues

    I’m working on a ‘98 4x4 XJ rear brakes. I have replaced my drums, shoes, all hardware, wheel cylinders, and hose from body to axle. Bled system. With the adjuster fully closed, I installed drums without any resistance and can turn by hand(transfer case in N). If I put the lug nuts on and...
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    Need Advise on Air Box and Cowl Vent - Is it Optional?

    On my last 8, the fresh air vent was blocked off. I had a ventage air system in it and everything worked great.
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    I've been Scrambled

    Welcome and congratulations on a sweet Jeep!
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    My Big Red Scrambler

    What size is it?
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    I bought one today!

    Wow! Great buy! Welcome aboard!
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    My Big Red Scrambler

    What plasma cutter is that?
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    Project Blue

    Are the axles stock Rubicon axles? How did you decide what springs to go with? I always wanted to do a coil conversion.
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    Thoughts on this 81

    He’s asking $6,000.
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    Thoughts on this 81

    I'm still waiting on some pictures of the doors, hard top and bed area. It does have a clean title.
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    Thoughts on this 81

    I’ve been looking at this 81 and I'm thinking it’s worth about $2,500. What do y’all think?
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    A Scrambler fell into my lap

    Sweet! I sure wish something like this would happen to me!
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    Any Jeep pics you want to share?

    This is about as close as I'm gonna get to getting a Scrambler any time soon. Girlfriend picked this up for me at Hobby Lobby the other day.
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    My daughter made this for me. Said she couldn't find a Scrambler to put in it and didn't want to open any of mine. Told her I wouldn't have mind and I still love it, at least I got some type of Jeep!
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    Stripped a very solid 82 yesterday

    Came across a very solid 82 model yesterday. The hotrod company that is performing the restomod called me to go and blast it. I was very excited to do it but it was like rubbing salt in old wounds. I sure miss my old one but know that I will get another one. Hope I can find one that is at least...
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    Suspension and axle questions for future build

    Since I sold my Scrambler 1.5 yrs ago, I have been miserable. Not that I can afford to build one now, but I am in the business to trade work for parts and start collecting. So, I have been thinking on what I wanted. I know that it I will be running a 5.3lt LS with a 4l60E, tires no bigger than...