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    CJ8 4.0 water pump

    I am in the middle of swaping my 258 for a 1992 4.0. I have a Holley Sniper BBD and a HEI distributor that I will install on the 258 intake manifold as soon as I finish port matching the intake. I have the block in the jeep and have the oil pan and valve cover and timing cover in place and am...
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    Valve cover hold down stud on drivers side of engine

    I have a broken valve cover hold down stud and I am having a hard time finding one that says it will fit my 1982 CJ8. Crown makes one but the description specifically says that it is for 2.5 and 4.0 engines made after 1990. The bolt in question is on the drivers side of the engine and is one of...
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    Identification of ECU box in the engine bay

    I have a 1982 CJ8 and I am in the process of adding a HEI distributor, a non computer controlled cab and generally making changes to clean the engine bay. There is a box on the passenger inner fender well that that sits between the starter solenoid and the radiator support. This box is similar...