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  1. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Maeve's Johnny Cash-inspired Jeep LJ project

    "One Piece at a Time..." For a couple years, this will probably be more of a "parts gathering" thread than a build thread. Much like her sister Mira's XJ build (Jp Magazine article HERE, and build thread HERE), Maeve will be paying for 1/2 of this build, and doing much of the work herself. We...
  2. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    O.T. Cheap Military Jeep M715 (fire station conversion) in Michigan

    Not mine, but I was very tempted to get this. Military Jeep M715 - $1000 (Tawas) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2012-01-19, 3:59PM EST Reply to:
  3. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    2005 Jeep LJ "Slow Roast" build (just another LJ on 1-tons)

    (Cross-post from a couple other forums. I thought you guys here would like to see my "Scrambler substitute".) At age 34 (I'm 40 now), I bought my first and only new vehicle ever - a 2005 LJ - as a spring/summer/fall daily-driver. I have always stored it in the winters, and driven a cheap...
  4. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    How many "hail Mary"s will it take...

    I no longer own a Scrambler, much less any CJ at all. I do, however, own a '93 XJ 2-door project that I'll be building with my 10-year-old daughter (thanks to BOBCAT), and it'll be her vehicle when she gets her driver's permit/license. I subsequently bought 3 XJ parts vehicles for dirt cheap...
  5. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Happy (early) Birthday, BOBCAT

    Have a great birthday, Don! :cheers: Craig
  6. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Non-Scrambler stuff ('05 LJ, life update, etc.)

    Hey guys, I have been pretty quiet here over the last year or two, but thought I'd check in with an update on things. Unfortunately, I'm going through what has turned out to be a pretty nasty divorce. We tried 3 different marriage counselors over the last 8+ years (along with other things)...
  7. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    A funny Thanksgiving Day card a friend sent me

    A new friend of mine is an illustrator (SIDE NOTE: he's also a Scrambler owner & Willy's pick-up owner, so he's CLEARLY a great guy :) ), and created this Thanksgiving card that gave me a good laugh. Enjoy! :)
  8. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Happy (early) Birtday BOBCAT

    Tomorrow (Monday) is Don's birthday, and I didn't want to forget to wish him well. Have a great one, Don! :birthday: Craig
  9. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    O.T. - "New" M-416 military trailer

    Let me just say that revho has dibs if I change my mind and decide to sell this in 6 months. :D Here's my "new" (to me) 1/4-ton M-416 military trailer. I just licensed it today, and will be using it to haul camping gear, kids' bicycles, veggie oil, etc. behind my '05 Unlimited or my new (to...
  10. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Charity Scrambler giveaway (video?)

    Would it be possible for someone to take video of the charity Scrambler giveaway? Someone could upload it to It would be great for both people who can't attend, and also from a project "documentation" standpoint. Thoughts? Craig
  11. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Small tandem single speeders...I'm so proud

    Memorial Day tandem bicycle ride (the first for Mira riding as captain, and Maeve's first ride period on the BMX tandem). I'm definitely a proud dad. They may even end up racing it together this November; it's a 2-mile offroad race in Traverse City. Craig
  12. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Ospho vs. Naval Jelly

    We stock Naval Jelly here at work. We can order Ospho out of our warehouse, but have to order a full case to get it. We don't really need the extra product option on the shelves. Does Naval Jelly do a great job, as well? I have never used anything comparable except POR-15 Metal Ready...
  13. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Paging Scramblin_Jim...

    I tried sending you a PM about the PS pump & bracket, but your inbox is full. I got them pulled today, and will box them up this week and get you a shipping amount. More soon... Craig
  14. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Body mount question (Daystar 1" BL install)

    I have my Daystar body lift basically done. However, it appears to have an error in the instructions, as it doesn't specify where to locate the two (2) thicker lower body mount bushings. It calls out body mounts #2 & 3 (the front mounts on the tub) as being different than the others, but the...
  15. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Anyone running a driver-drop front axle (close to stock width)?

    I'm kicking around a couple ideas, and I'm wondering if anyone's running a driver-drop front axle in their Scrambler (without outboarded springs). If so, were there any challenges you ran into in doing the switch? Craig
  16. 1x1_Speed_Craig


    1985 Scrambler Renegade = $2750 1" CJ-7 BL from friend = $0 (for mock-up only) Daystar CJ-8 1" BL = ~$145 (I'll order at the end of the week) Having every single body mount bolt come out like butter = PRICELESS While fitting my SD-33 diesel in the Scrambler, I realized I'd need a 1" body lift...
  17. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Front yoke to oil pan clearance question

    I'm working on fitting the SD-33 diesel into my Jeep Scrambler. I'm wondering what amount of distance is acceptable between the front axle yoke and the motor's oilpan, allowing for motor movement. It's tight for clearance, and any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Craig
  18. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Meijer 10%-off coupon (General Merchandise & Apparel) day only!

    For those of you Midwesterners with Meijer Supercenters near you... I just got an e-mail from Meijer (my current employer...for 4 more days, anyway) about a 1-day 10% off coupon opportunity. This is for Saturday, December 8th. Enjoy! 10% Off Coupon Here Craig
  19. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Purpose of sheet metal deflector panel on firewall?

    Guys, What is the purpose of the sheet metal panel on the driver side of the firewall? It's hard to see in the photo below, but it's to the right of the starter (visible right behind the steering shaft). It's a flat piece facing the front of the vehicle, but it also wraps back into the...
  20. 1x1_Speed_Craig

    Replacement body mounts (not a BL)?

    Hey guys, I just did a search for "body mount", but turned up a TON of non-relevant threads. Who makes a replacement Scrambler body mount kit that is not a body lift? I'm looking for a complete kit with all hardware (including sleeves), if possible. Thanks, Craig